Making it easier to build a granny flat

Building a granny flat is being made easier in Knox. PICTURE: unsplash

As part of the State Government’s planning reforms, it will soon be easier for Victorians to build a small second home on their property – giving families a space to grow together and boosting housing supply.

From next month, families will no longer require a planning permit to build a small second home on their property.

Small second homes under 60 square metres, also known as granny flats, will no longer require a planning permit on properties 300 square metres or larger where there are no flooding or environmental overlays – lifting the burden of getting planning approval for Victorians.

There will be no restrictions on how a small second home can be used – they can be used flexibly, whether it’s keeping family members closer, providing temporary housing or being rented out for additional income.

Small second homes will still require a building permit, will need to meet ResCode (residential design code) setback and siting requirements – and cannot be subdivided or separately sold off from the main home.

These reforms will be implemented through changes to the planning and building systems, with a comprehensive information pack available for applicants and assessors.