Distillery begins hand sanitiser production

Brunswick Aces co-owners Evan Kipping and Stephen Lawrence at Alchemy Distillery, Healesville. 208349 Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Gin-makers Brunswick Aces have responded to local demand for hand sanitiser by converting its latest batches of gin.

Produced in Healesville’s Alchemy distillery, Brunswick Aces has been busy crafting four thousand 100ml bottles of handy pocket-sized hand sanitiser. The gin-turned-sanitiser has been made available to the public as well as supplied to medical professionals in the Brunswick area.

Two variants of the hand sanitiser are available; not only cleansing effectively when used properly, but also featuring hints of the unique aromatic blends of both Hearts and Spades blend gins and sapiirs – lemon myrtle, wattleseed, pepperberry and juniper.

Brunswick Aces founder and CEO Stephen Lawrence encourages health professionals across the Yarra Valley to get in touch with Brunswick Aces to discuss any requirements.

“We’re lucky to be in a position where we can shift production of our popular gins and sapiirs, to include much needed products to help with the health crisis.” he said.

“As long as the ingredients are available and the demand is there, then we will continue to produce hand sanitiser for our community.

“We started Brunswick Aces as six neighbours and friends so community has always been a big part of what we’ve done here.”

Mr Lawrence said it’s important for businesses to contribute where they can and do their bit to help fight the coronavirus.

“A lot of people look to the government to fix these problems, but ultimately, they’re not the ones making the products required. We all have to chip in and do our work… Whether it’s the social distancing or caring for others in the community, every bit helps really.”

Brunswick Aces is Australia’s first non-alcoholic spirit (sapiir) company, which expanded its range earlier this year to create alcoholic versions of its popular zero alcohol distillates, so everyone can enjoy Australian inspired blends together.

Mr Lawrence explained that the six founders of Brunswick Aces were unable to take part in the group’s regular cocktail parties as one member started training to run marathons, while another fell pregnant.

From there the idea was born to create sapiir, a cocktail quality beverage minus the alcohol to ensure that everyone could enjoy a delicious drink together.

Brunswick Aces new hand-sanitiser is priced at $6.45 plus postage for a 100ml bottle. Alternatively, customers can get a free bottle upon purchasing a 700ml bottle of gin or non-alcoholic sapiir.

Visit www.brunswickaces.com for more information.