Warburton Place Plan to be approved at tonight’s council meeting

Warburton Place Plan is going to the council meeting tonight. PICTURE: ON FILE

Residents interested in the Warburton Place Plan project can tune into tonight’s Yarra Ranges Council meeting to here the outcome and the proposed adoption of the strategic document.

The plan provides a framework to deliver the community’s aspirations for the town and actions to address goals and concerns.

The strategic document is a couple of years in the making, with the decision to develop the plan happening back in October 2019.

Following community consultation a draft was also created and placed on exhibition in July and August this year.

Approximately 1,500 residents engaged with the consultation process and 107 responses were received, with an Engagement Report developed to summarise findings from the process.

Approximately three in four respondents were either supportive or somewhat supportive of the draft Warburton Place Plan, and the majority of suggestions had already been captured through existing actions in the Place Plan.

The development of a Place Plan for Warburton was identified as an important initiative that built on community feedback provided to the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination

(WMBD) Draft Master Plan and regional open space and park upgrades at Warburton Recreation Reserve, Millgrove, Wesburn and East Warburton.

In response to the unprecedented levels of public and private investment proposed for Warburton a Place Plan was proposed as a strategic document to help guide decisions about Warburton and direct investment for the township.

For the purpose of the Place Plan, the subject area focused on the Warburton Township but also extended its consideration to the surrounding townships of Wesburn, Millgrove, East Warburton and Big Pats Creek.

The Warburton community wants include:

 The natural environment, in particular, the river and forests as a place for community

to gather, and restorative values is central to community including pest control;

 A connected and inclusive community, with access to spaces, services and


 Strong local economy that leverages local strengths, skills and dormant sites and

adapts to changes in industries;

 Affordable housing and housing choice to enable ageing in place;

 Increased knowledge and celebration of people, culture and place, with a deeper

engagement with indigenous communities;

 Recognition of the village character of Warburton and the physical elements that

define this;

 Access and movement, improved pedestrian and inclusive access in and around

town, traffic management and parking, wayfinding, public transport and innovative

transport solutions;

 Emergency management, bushfire preparedness, infrastructure and information;

 Public places, with safe and vibrant places to gather; and

 Better communication from Council and other levels of government.