Oh joy we are back

Warburton Golf Course is one of the Yarra Valley's hidden secrets. PICTURE: RENEE WOOD

By Ron Hottes

It is so therapeutic to be reporting back to you, dear readers the results from our FIRST competition in nearly 3 months!

So a healthy field of nearly 50 avid members took on the course again in ‘real-time’ combat ( sounds like a video game) and the most successful combatant was Pat-O’Regan who conquered the course, amassing 41 very impressive Stableford points.

This earnt Pat the B-Grade voucher easily.

Ryan-Smith took out the A-Grade with 38 solid points. ( Even though he was none-too-popular when he took up 3 spaces in the carpark with his car and trailer.)

With scores like that, no-one would be surprised that balls only went down to 35.

And we even had NTP’s – they were snared by PK,(3rd), Clint-Toohey,(5th), The Pres ,(9th), Happy-Gilmore,( 12th) and to ‘Mr. Grumpy’ Maltman,(15th).

And the best part of all this is I’ll be back next week, reporting on a Wednesday comp, Twilight on Thursday and another Saturday comp.

Look out for those details folks.