Petition for skatepark

Khloe, Millie and Zach. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS

Seven year old Seville resident Millie has launched a campaign to see a skatepark or BMX pump track constructed in Seville as an attraction for older children.

Millie was inspired to create a petition after feeling like her older brother Zach (11) didn’t have anywhere to spend his free time. She explained that the Water Play Park and nearby playground cater for a younger audience.

“My petition is to make a skate park in Seville for all the big kids,” she said. “It’s so I could practice all my tricks on my skateboard, roller skates and scooter and bike… Everything with wheels.

“It’d be for Zach… I think he would benefit more.”

The Birmingham Primary School student said having a skatepark locally would allow her to learn new tricks easier.

So far her petition has gathered over 500 signatures (written and online) and she plans on taking it to Council when she reaches 1000. She said it feels “exciting” to have her school and community rally behind her.

The young BMX rider recently met with Deputy Mayor David Eastham to talk about her proposal and will soon gather with the Seville Township Group to gain their support.

“We chatted about the ideas of what we can do about the skatepark… He thought they were good ideas.

“After my birthday I’m going to meet with the township group… I’m going to say about how many people have signed my petition and how I reckon we should get one (skatepark).”

Millie’s mum Casey Elbourne said she is proud to see her daughter being active in her community.

“We’re really proud of the effort and the steps she’s taken to see some changes in the community and I know she would really like and benefit from having one (skatepark) in place or something similar just to get them all outdoors.

“I know she struggles to see her brother just sitting there while they’re (Millie and younger sister Khloe) out and about at the waterpark and the playground. There’s not much for the older kids.”

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