Crafting excellence in timber

Healesville Timber and Hardware is a proud family-owned business with Cameron, Lucie and Eric Oude-Meilink at the helm. Picture: STEWART CHAMBERS. 352811_02

Healesville Joinery, a proud division of Healesville Timber and Hardware, has been steadily etching its mark in the world of timber and joinery since its inception in 2020. Founded by Eric and Lucie Oude-Meilink, and with son Cameron, this family-owned establishment brings more than just timber and hardware; it brings a commitment to excellence that transcends the ordinary.

Crafting Unique Visions

Healesville Joinery offers more than just a service; it offers a canvas for customers to paint their unique visions. Whether it’s crafting windows that flood a room with natural light, designing sturdy doors and barn doors or curating personalized kitchen cabinets that transform your cooking space – Healesville Joinery rises to every challenge.

Beyond the usual, they excel in crafting gates, stairs and benchtops. Each project is a testament to their dedication to precision and detail.

A Journey Steeped in Experience

The journey of Healesville Joinery is intertwined with the extensive experience of Eric, who has been a stalwart in the building industry for over 35 years. In 2016, they ventured into the world of timber and hardware, recognizing the need for customized products and joinery in their community. Their vision culminated in the establishment of Healesville Joinery in 2020, marking a significant expansion in their offerings.

Community at the Core

What drives Healesville Joinery? Two simple factors: the opportunity to bring customers’ visions to life and the chance to support the local community and businesses. This isn’t just a business for Eric and Lucie; it’s a passion to craft excellence and to be a reliable partner for trades, businesses, and the community at large.

The Bond of Family and Community

What sets Healesville Joinery apart is their status as a family-owned business. This status isn’t just a title; it’s a reflection of the bonds they’ve built with the locals and local businesses. Their commitment to friendly service and competitive pricing has made them a trusted partner for many.

A Journey Worth Celebrating

Their greatest achievement isn’t just about business growth, but the ability to enrich the local community. The introduction of the Joinery division has not only expanded their horizons but has also seen them extend their reach interstate. This achievement, they humbly admit, wouldn’t have been possible without the steadfast support of the community.

In the realm of timber and joinery, Healesville Joinery stands tall as a testament to craftsmanship, community, and the pursuit of excellence. As they continue to craft unique visions in wood, their legacy in Healesville and beyond only grows stronger. If you’re in search of timber and joinery that marries quality with a touch of artistry, Healesville Joinery is the name to remember.