Warburton Golf Club braves the damp July weather

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

The V.V.V’s:

With the required number turning up for a game on the Monday of this week, the girls bravely went out to tackle a damp, challenging course. They played the back nine, and once again, that Lady, whose game is ‘saffron-smooth’ Georgie, of course, came away with the prize and bragging rights. Although, it was not a clear-cut win, because the ever-improving Vicki Hottes matched Georgie’s result, only to be pipped after a tight countback. There were no NTPs this week.

Wednesday 3 July, Stroke & M.McGrann Bag-day qualifier:

After plenty of rain leading up to this gameday, but fortunately quite a bright and pleasant day for those playing, golfers knew the course would not give up any super-impressive scores. But the winner and qualifier was Angus Hall, with a mighty impressive Nett 67. Young Angus is a typically enthusiastic and fast-improving golfer, so these scores could very quickly become a regular occurrence (Watch your backs, Dad and Granddad). Angus had a clear win, as the runner-up was Glenn Forbes, with a none-too-shabby Nett 70 but a clear 3 shots behind our winner. Balls extended down to Nett 72 only. With the challenging conditions, it was not surprising that the 5th hole NTP was not claimed (always the toughest Par 3 challenge). The other NTP winners were: Matt Maloney (3rd), Glenn Forbes (9th), Deborah Hamment (12th) and Darryl Ward (15th).

Saturday 6 July, Stroke and Monthly Medal:

In every Golf Club the Medal winner is always looked for with great anticipation. There is often an extra incentive presented to the winner for the privilege of holding the Medal for that month. Well, in the case of Warburton, the Medal winner gets his/her own car park granted to them until the next winner is declared (and that car spot is right next to the Clubhouse). Danny Fox can park his car in that designated spot for the next 31 days and can can claim the Medal plus the A-Grade voucher, withhis Nett 67 topping all other scores on this day. The very funny aspect of this point is that Danny lives next to the 5th hole and drives his own golf cart down to the Club each time he plays. I guess that designated carpark will remain vacant until early September. The A-Grade runner-up to Danny was Jason ‘Kenno’ Kennedy, as he posted an excellent Nett 68. Balls reached Nett 72. In B-Grade, Rob Ferguson won the day (and the voucher) with a solid Nett 71. Deborah Hamment’s Nett 72 was good enough for her to claim the runner-up prize. The ball rundown here reached Nett 74. There were four NTP winners this day as follows: Liam Kay (3rd), Clint Toohey (5th), Sam Dennis (9th) and Medal-winner Danny Fox, on the tough 15th.