Almost all Burras sides secure wins

Sienna Muir shoots for the Burras. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Alex Woods

Warburton-Millgrove’s Round 5 games started Friday Night against Wandin, with the women’s team having a tough game ahead of them.

The rain had set in for the Friday but managed to clear for the game. The ground was dewy and wet, which made for slippery conditions. They started off strong with a 0.0-0 to 4.3-27 lead at the first break. They continued along nicely, leaving Wandin to only score 2 points for the game and finished off with a nice score of 5.5-35. Sally Mcintosh, Lilian Pagels, Stacey Mercury, Sienna Clark and Jade Mewburn were all the top performers. Jade Mewburn secured 2 goals, Rach Maxwell scored a nice goal for her 50th game, Lilian Pagels also secured one, as well as, Madi Ward.

Saturday, the Burras ventured over to Belgrave for another round of tough matches.

The morning started off with D Grade. They had a strong start, having a nice lead of 7 goals at halftime. Belgrave started to slowly approach, but the Burras managed to hold on securing a 2-goal win. Sienna Muir, Issy Maurici and Tamin Crunden were the top performers, with Sienna shooting 14 goals, Maddie Loveless with 8 and Brooke de Pedro with 7.

C Grade took the court next. Belgrave managed to get the early jump with a 1 goal lead at the first break. The Burras took control of the game in the second quarter and had a nice 5 goal lead at halftime. They continued on with their skills and momentum and took control of the game for the remainder of the match. 22-36 was the final score, with the top players being Courtney Lever, Mel Hancock and Chantelle Hermansen. Ashlyn Hermansen shot 21 goals and Mel Hancock with 15.

A Grade was on after C grade and started off strong with a 2-12 lead at the first break. Belgrave gained some momentum and secured 11 goals in the second quarter, along with out 10. The second half of the game was still in our control and they continued that strength right to the end, taking home a 48-29 win. Bianca Daniels put up 30 goals, Karly Wappett with 10 and Ashlyn Elliott with 9. Jessie Hare, Ashlyn Elliott and Bianca Daniels were the stars of the match.

Reserves started at midday. Belgrave started off strong, kicking the first few goals at the start of the first quarter. The Burras took some control in the second and managed to keep Belgrave to kicking 1 goal and 2 behinds and scoring 1.1 for themselves. Unfortunately, Belgrave came out stronger in the second half and took control of the game. The final score was 10.13-73 to 3.3-21. Dave Swankie secured 1 goal, as well as Raymond Lord. Brayden Ferguson, Nate Lucas, Dave Bedggood, Ricky Andueza, Jackson Jones and Matt Sidari were the top performers of the game.

B grade finished off the netball for the round. A strong first quarter by both teams with the Burras having a 3-goal lead at the first break, 13-16. The next two quarters were just as strong with Belgrave remaining close behind with a 3-quarter time score of 41-44. In the last term, Burras came home strong and took control of the game. The final score was 51-57, with Jordana Butcher having a strong game, shooting 43 goals. Alex Woods also secured 14 goals. Top performers were Jordy Butcher, Emily Hay and Chelsea Barnard.

Senior footy finished off the day with a tough match ahead of them. Belgrave started off strongly, with a 5.3-33 to 3.2-20 quarter-time score. The Burras took some control of the second quarter and were only 4 points behind at the halftime break. Belgrave secured themselves a 2 goal lead heading into the last quarter. The Burras turned it on for the last and played a great quarter of footy to take home a 4-point win. Bailey kicked 3 goals, Trent Elliott had a big game and secured 2 goals as well as Liam Westlake. Tom Marr secured another match-winner and Lachy Hewitt, Marcel Kocher and Tom Barr also kicked 1 each. Trent Elliott, Nelson Aldridge, Ben Pretty, Marcel Kocher, Bailey Humphrey and Tom Barr were all top performers of the day.