Swapped fortunes for Yarra Junction Bowling Club teams

Yarra Junction Bowling Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Peter Brennan

After three consecutive losses, the Yarra Junction Bowling Club midweek team was desperate for a win. No one likes being bottom of the ladder, and there was a determination in the air as they hosted Heathmont at home. But if there are any constants in life the weather is not one of them. If anything there has been altogether too much weather for the midweek games, from strong winds to excessive heat. As Heathmont made their long trek up to the valley their windscreen wipers were working, and it was a grey drizzling morning. Just enough drizzle to be cold and uncomfortable. But bowls is an outdoor game, so it was jackets and raincoats. The drizzle never turned to rain and Junction gradually built a lead. They held it through the day and ran out to a reasonably comfortable win, which lifted them off the bottom of the ladder.

For the sake of those who put so much work into the garden and general maintenance of the grounds, it is worth noting how complimentary the Heathmont bowlers were of the general appearance of the club.

The weekend team were second on the ladder, and hosted top-placed Mitcham at home. Somebody did a good job with the weather, and it was a near-perfect day for a top-of-the-table clash. Neither team could make a break. The margin between them was small and stayed small, with sometimes Mitcham and sometimes Junction a few points ahead. At half time Junction held a narrow lead. It was a stressful match, worthy of the two top teams. Nothing could be taken for granted, and unpredictability was the order of the day. Even the halftime meat raffle was won by a vegetarian.

Junction had the home-ground advantage, but Mitcham is a large club with many teams and a wealth of experienced players. With only a few ends to play their class showed through and they drew ahead. At day’s end, Junction won one rink, drew one, and lost two, losing overall. Mitcham is now clear on top of the ladder, and Junction clings to second place by a narrow margin. It is an absorbing competition.

The Community Cup continues on Friday evenings and is a very enjoyable occasion. The current leader is the team from Cire, followed by Little Yarra Egg Farm and U3A. Barefoot Bowls is coming closer and will start in early January.

Yarra Junction Bowling Club is a small club with a big heart and welcomes visitors with equipment available for those wanting to have a go. Whether you are young or old, male or female, or anything in between, wander down if you are tempted, and try it out. Thursday afternoon from 12.30 on is always a good time.