The 1812 Theatre is set to be a German-speaking town for The Fire Raisers

Kemp's Curtain Call. Picture: ON FILE

The 1812 Theatre

The Fire Raisers

This dark comedy is set in a town that is regularly stacked by arsonists.

Disguised as door-to- door salesmen, they talk their way into people’s homes and settle down in the attic where they set about planning the destruction of the home.

The 1812 Theatre decide to set the story in a German-speaking town in the 1930s as Hitler is gradually taking power.

1812 Theatre’s set was marvellous.

The play was done in the Bakery@1812 which is a small intimate theatre.

The rear of the stage was set with a fireplace central, a door each side and on audience left was the attic.

Above the central fireplace was used as a screen in which throughout the play various actors gave a commentary in German with subtitles below.

This was very successful adding to the feel of the play.

Brett Hyland was the main character Gottlieb Biedermann.

As Biedermann Hyland really captured the essence of such a character giving a stirling performance.

The leader of The Fire brigade, who sat at the rear of the stage occasionally adding to the commentary plus not letting Biedermann past when he wanted to go to the police.

A touch of Naziism there.

The Fire Chef was played by Felix Green giving a good performance in such a role.

Anna the maid was played by Freya Timmer-Arends who gave a wonderful performance of the character.

Some of her looks when ordered to something she did not care for were amazing.

A good interpretation of the role.

Joseph Schmitz was played by Liam Mitchinson. Joseph talked his way into the home and talked his way to stay in the attic.

Mitchinson captured the essence of the character adding the overall good standard of the performance.

Gottlieb’s wife Babette was played by Pia Maganov who also captured the role as envisaged.

Ryan Brennan was the other “door-to-door’ so-called salesman who instructed Schmitz how too do what they had to do.

The we had playing two roles, that of a policeman and professor Andrew Ferguson who gave a good feel to both characters.

A successful evening of theatre with the cast living up to the standard of The 1812 Theatre.

CPP Community theatre

Little Women

Opened on Friday 5 April and the next performance is Thursday 11 April, 12 and 13 Saturday.

13 April is an early show at 5pm.

Little Women is the story of the March sisters whose father is away on the frontline of the American Civil War.

The sisters, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy journey into adulthood , each determined to pursue a life on their own terms. But growing up means contending with love and loss, as well as the myriad twists of fortune that can shape a lifetime.

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Millies War

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When the sleepy local branch of the RSL meet with the women in order to dissuade them from upsetting their sacred parade of the remembrance, the crotchety president of the RSL Club is appalled to find his own granddaughter is one of the feminists attempting to spoil their say

Tempers soon reach boiling point as each side argues the case the importance of commemorating victims of war.

Season: April 12 – 28


The Basin Theatre Berlin. April 18 – 28. Bookings: 0484 065 006

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