Yarra Junction Weight Support Group make a move

The Yarra Junction Weight Support Group are moving to a new location and night of the week. Picture: ON FILE

Yarra Junction Weight Support Group is moving to a new night of the week and location.

The meetings from April 9 2024 nwards will be held at the Yarra Junction CFA Building at 37 Yarra Street, Yarra Junction on Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7.30pm at the usual cost of $5.00 per week.

The group is very excited about the new venue and invite anyone interested to come along, have a look, attend a meeting, and see if being a member would help them in their weight loss journey.

All members of the club are there for one reason, to become healthier versions of themselves.

The group is friendly and non-judgemental, with the key to be supportive of all individuals. Weight loss is a personal journey, but with the support of people that understand, the group will be there to encourage you, celebrate with you, cheer you on and inspire you to keep going in your weight loss journey.

Attendees will hear from others in the group about what issues that may be experiencing and these may resonate with them. Members are there to share their knowledge, experience, and share tips that will help each other stay on track. We may think we have heard it all, but there is always something new to learn, that may help us.

Being accountable is a proven fact that helps in weight loss. Weighing in each week keeps us on track, as without this it’s easy to make excuses or give up when you’re tackling this on your own.

So, what can you buy for $5.00?

Answer…… a new healthier you.

For more information please phone Marg Baker on 0409 162 189 or just come along any Tuesday night.