Queensland Fruit Fly recently detected in the Upper Yarra

Queensland Fruit Fly has been detected in the Yarra Ranges. Picture: ON FILE.

Spottings of Queensland Fruit Flies (QFF) in the Upper Yarra has prompted a call for local growers to be on the lookout to help prevent and eradicate the known pest.

The QFF has been detected in Launching Place, Seville, Silvan, Wandin East, Wandin North and Woori Yallock.

QFF has been detected in the Yarra Valley several times since February 2018.

The QFF is active in the fruiting season, though populations increase in spring when temperatures rise above 16 degrees. They can remain active in autumn and winter in warmer weather.

Female flies lay their eggs in the fruit of plants. These eggs hatch, and larvae consume the fruit from within, causing the fruit to rot prematurely. A large infestation can decimate an entire crop, and the flies spread into surrounding gardens and farms. The flies can have a devastating effect for both horticultural and backyard growers, so it is critical that everyone is wary and proactive in preventing the spread.