Bushland in Three Bridges burns amidst storm

Aircraft support was required to access a bushfire in Three Bridges. Picture: MONIQUE PERCY

By Callum Ludwig

A bushfire broke out in Three Bridges in the midst of the heat, wind and storms of Tuesday 13 February.

Potentially started by a dry lightning strike, nearby residents left their homes and congregated on the street, unsure of how serious the blaze was.

A CFA spokesperson said eight CFA units responded to a bushfire on St Benedicts Drive in Three Bridges at around 3.11pm on Tuesday 13 February.

“Units responded from Wesburn, Yarra Junction, Hoddles Creek, Little Yarra, Badger Creek, Hillcrest and Gembrook,” they said.

“Forest Fire Management Victoria units and aircraft were called to the scene to assist.”

Residents tried to lead local brigades to potential avenues to access the fire which was deep in bushland but were unsuccessful.

The fire spanned about 150x150m in inaccessible terrain, so while Forest Fire Management Victoria’s crews and aircraft quelled the fire, crews implemented asset protection and there was no concerns for assets.

The incident was deemed safe at 6.41pm.