Three… safety measures in a flood

Three safety measures for flooding. Picture: ON FILE

Monitor conditions

Stay alert for updates on your area from Vic Emergency. It will give three tiers of warning based on the level of severity and will provide advice as how you should respond from preparing to evacuation. You can go to or install the Vic Emergency app to keep updated.

Bag it, Block it, Lift it, Leave.

VICSES advises this general rule for a flooding situation at your property. Sandbag areas of access for water such as the bottom of doors. Block areas of access such as your toilets, baths and all drains holes with sandbags wrapped in a plastic bag. Elevate your valuable items off the floors to a safe location, turn off electricity and gas. Most of all leave the affected area while it is still possible.

Do not drive in flood water.

This is obvious for severe flooding, but people may not realise how little it takes to lose control in water. VICSES point out it can only take 15cm of water for a car to become unstable by losing traction or washing away. While only a splash can ruin your car. Most air intakes for the average vehicle is located near the radiator. Your engine cannot compress water and it can have a disastrous effect on your car. Most of all, however, it puts you in danger of breaking down in the middle of flood water.