Bloomin’ beautiful for Christmas

Lilies work well on their own or in an arrangement with other festive colours.

Floral arrangements are a perfect way to add some colour to your Yule time table. Ensure your house is looking its festive, floral best with these popular blooms:


Lilies and amaryllis are always a popular choice at Christmas in a variety of colours. Many varieties have a beautiful scent that will perfume your home. They can be placed in an arrangement with other flowers or in a vase on their own and prefer to be kept away from direct sunlight in a cool environment. Remember though that lilies are extremely toxic to cats, causing acute renal failure, so think twice before gifting them to your cat-loving friend and keep them out of reach of your own felines.


The poinsettia has come to symbolise Christmas, and with its bright red and green foliage it’s not hard to see why. They are commonly found in pots, ready to adorn a table or bench in your house. However, they can be finicky; they don’t like too much water, but take care also to not let them dry out. If the leaves begin to turn yellow and fall off, you may not be watering it correctly. They’re native to Mexico, so they also prefer warmth and light, and make sure to protect them from wind and draughts to keep them happy for the Christmas season.


It might not be the first plant that comes to mind when you think of Christmas, but this Mediterranean herb is actually perfect for an Australian Christmas. It’s easy to grow and care for, and fills the air with a mouth-watering perfume. It can be pruned into a Christmas tree shape if desired, and best of all, pairs deliciously well with the Christmas roast.