Works to take place on Warburton-Woods Point Road

Road works will take place on Warburton-Woods Point Road this month. PICTURE: ON FILE

By Renee Wood

Upgrade works to Warburton-Woods Point Road are scheduled to begin this week on Thursday 9 December to restore the road’s surface in East Warburton.

Road works were delayed on the deteriorating asphalt due to the Upper Yarra Dam project and wet conditions, but a Department of Transport spokesperson said works will now begin this month to repair sections of the road’s pavement.

“We will be able to safely reinstate the speed limit across sections of the road once these works are complete,” they said.

The speed limit dropped from 80km/hour to 60km/hour in August due to an increase in heavy vehicles accessing the Dam upgrade project.

It follows Eildon MP Cindy McLeish urging the government to start works as soon as possible, with drivers frustrated with the reduced limits.

“The condition of the Warburton-Woods Point Road has been dreadful for years,” she said.

Speed limits will be reinstated to 80km/h between Starvation Creek Road and Boundary Road and between Lyrebird Avenue and Starvation Creek Road later this month when works are completed.

However, a 60km/h speed limit will remain on two road sections near Starvation Creek Road and McMahons Creek Road until maintenance can occur.

A Melbourne Water spokesperson said the Dam upgrades will ensure the continued integrity and stability of the dam wall and Melbourne Water thanks the community for its patience.

“Melbourne Water and our delivery partner Seymour Whyte have recently completed an upgrade to Upper Yarra Dam so the reservoir can continue to supply world-class drinking water to Melburnians,” they said.