Thank you first responders

The remains of the Woori Yallock family's shed.

Today marks Thank A First Responder Day, and CFA is taking the opportunity to not only thank its members, but also those emergency service responders who work alongside them.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said CFA volunteers work as one with police, paramedics, SES volunteers, and many other first responders to help their communities.

“Our volunteers don’t sign up for recognition, but simply saying ‘thank you’ is an easy way to acknowledge their incredible efforts,” said CO Heffernan.

“We would also like to extend that gratitude to our first responder partners who work tirelessly to support their communities in emergency situations.”

Monique is one community member who reached out to show her appreciation of first responders after a recent fire at her family’s Woori Yallock property on 31 May.

“It happened at about 12.30pm. Mum was in our house making her lunch and she looked out the back window and noticed something didn’t look right at the shed, which sits higher on our property.

“She first thought it was mist as it had been a foggy morning and when she walked to the back door and saw up closer to the shed, she noticed it was smoke and called triple zero.

Monique shared the fire was caused by an electrical fault to the old shed. The family lost their shed, stables, a wood shed and their hay shed but were thankful for the response by firefighters to prevent the blaze from spreading to their home.

“There were 11 fire trucks as well as ambulance and SES.”

“I really want to emphasise how appreciative our family is, especially for the four brigades that came out to help, but also made the effort of coming out the following day to check if my parents were okay.

“My mum felt very relieved that she was no longer alone, and she said the firefighters were so supportive and so nice, and really put her mind at ease.

“It could have been a lot worse and we’re thankful no one was hurt and grateful the CFA and SES were so quick to respond to help when we needed them.”

CFA encourages all Victorians to reach out today and Thank A First Responder.