The best 18th hole on the mainland

The beginning of Warburton''s 18th hole. 200671 Picture: ROMY STEPHENS

Warburton Golf Club hosts the best 18th hole on mainland Australia, well that’s how the locals like to put it.

The golf club’s 18th hole was runner-up in Inside Golf’s best 18 holes competition in Australia this year.

But considering the winning hole was at Cape Wickham Golf Course on King Island, Warburton Golf Club members refer to it as the best hole on the mainland.

Warburton’s 18th hole is well-known as a tough par 4 with a stunning mountainside backdrop.

Players must tee off from the top of a steep hill before they are confronted by a sharp turn, a dam and a difficult green.

Warburton Golf Club’s Ron Hottes has had his fair share of challenges tackling the hole.

“It’s not only long but it’s also a dogleg right and a dam to get over,” he said.

“I’ve been in the dam a few times.

“The green is very very hard to hold, you hit a decent shot, it might land on the green and it might roll off.”

As difficult as the journey may be, players can take in the best of Warburton’s scenery with dense forest and picturesque mountains in clear view as they head towards the end.

Inside Golf’s competition saw more than 20,000 Australian golfers vote for their favourite holes over numerous months.

Warburton was one of the smallest clubs listed and defeated hundreds of other clubs nominated across the country.

Ron said the accolade came as a result of a dedicated team.

“This acknowledgement is recognition of all the hard work that has gone into the club by our fantastic volunteers and our amazing green staff over many years,” he said.

“We have only one full time and one part time green staff and a band of hardworking volunteers who get the course into fantastic shape.

“When you ask visitors about the course, they all love playing here, agree that it is in great shape and come because of the 18th.”