Students wage waste war

The plastic bags for recycling.

Don Valley Primary students have declared a War on Waste.

Teacher Kate Weston said they were fascinated by the fact that plastic take 500 or more year to biodegrade.

They took inspiration from the ABC television series of the same name and declared their own War on Waste.

Pairs of students in Grades 4, 5 and 6 came up with sustainability projects and are now completing them.

Ms Weston said the entire school – all 39 pupils – brought more than 2000 grey plastic supermarket bags in for recycling.

“We will walk around our local area, Don Valley, and down to the local creek to collect as much rubbish as we can, preventing it from blowing into waterways and the ocean,” she said.

“We have printed our very own, limited-edition reusable calico bags for our school community to use, to replace plastic bags.

“One of our parents, Brad from YV Signs, donated his time and resources to help us print them.”

The school has revamped its bins to encourage recycling and added a compost system.

“Some of our students have written newsletter articles to educate our parents and families about how to recycle at home,” Ms Weston said.

She said students were determined to eliminate plastic wrap, and heard from the mum of a past student about reusable Agreena Wraps.

“We will also investigate how to make bees wax wraps to replace plastic wrap,” she said.

“Another two students held a No Waste Wednesday, where students and teachers brought food to school without packaging.”