A rare double treat

Tomoe Kawabata and Aura Go are masters of piano for four hands. Picture: SARAH WALKER

By Kath Gannaway

Yarra Valley audiences are in for a rare treat when Kawabata-Go Piano Duo perform at The Memo in Healesville on Sunday, 24 September.
Melbourne-born pianist, now living in Finland, Aura Go, and Tamoe Kawabata, who came to Australia from Japan 15 years ago, will be playing some of the most beautiful music written for the special medium of piano for four hands.
Originally a domestic form of entertainment, pre-radio and television people would sit around the piano and play duets.
“The music we are playing elevates that medium far beyond the domestic,” Ms Go said.
Along with pieces by Mozart, Schumann and Schubert, Ms Go said they will be playing ‘Cahier sonore’, a piece by Japanese composer, Miyoshi.
“It’s a really beautiful, elegant and sophisticated suite for four-hand that audiences will really love and which is very rarely performed in Australia.”
Hearing a four-hand piano recital live is quite rare in itself, and while people may have heard some of the music on recording, hearing it in a live concert is a really special thing.
Ms Go said Kawabata-Go Piano Duo would thrill seasoned lovers of classical music, but was also a perfect introduction to classical with beautiful and instantly appealing music.
“Live music is where the magic happens,” she said.
She said she and Tamoe are especially looking forward to playing in Healesville.
“My experience of playing to rural audiences is that there is a real hunger for more classical performances,” she said.
“The reception is so warm and audiences so enthusiastic and attentive … it’s a very rewarding experience.”
Kawabata-Go Piano Due is on at 2pm at The Memo, Healesville with a free pre-show talk at 1pm. People under 26 enjoy free admission under Yarra Ranges Council’s A Minor Tix program. To book, visit www.culturetracks.info or call 1300 368 333.