Leading the way in NDIS

Cutting-edge care at Recovery Options. Picture: SUPPLIED

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) landscape grows increasingly complex, Recovery Options stands out as a beacon of excellence in the Yarra Valley.

Our world-class NDIS business is built on the foundation of three core teams: our dedicated client team, our meticulous scheduling team, and our innovative support coordination team.

Together, they ensure that every client receives personalised, cutting-edge care that addresses their unique needs and goals.

The challenges of being a registered NDIS provider are substantial. With only 50 per cent of providers managing to stay afloat, many are struggling to navigate the intricate regulatory environment and financial pressures. However, Recovery Options is poised to remain a leading force, thanks to our unwavering focus on client-centred service and our strategic, adaptable approach.

Our client team is the heart of Recovery Options, working tirelessly to build meaningful relationships and deliver exceptional support. They are backed by our scheduling team, which ensures that every appointment and service is seamlessly coordinated to maximise efficiency and client satisfaction. Our support coordination team, meanwhile, excels in connecting clients with the best resources and services available, ensuring they receive comprehensive and continuous care.

As other companies close their doors, Recovery Options invites all clients and prospective employees to join us during this transition. We are committed to providing a stable, supportive environment where both clients and staff can thrive.

Whether you’re seeking unparalleled NDIS services or a rewarding career, Recovery Options is your destination. Call us today at 5900 6898 to schedule a free one-hour consultation.

Visit our website at www.recoveryoptions.com.au to learn more about our services, get to know our team, and explore career opportunities. Together, let’s build a future where everyone has access to the quality care they deserve.