Understanding Dry Eye Syndrome: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Don't let dry eye cause you discomfort. Picture: SUPPLIED

Dry Eye Syndrome extends beyond mere eye dryness, originating from insufficient tear production or an imbalance in tear film components. Various factors, such as environmental triggers, hormonal fluctuations, and the natural aging process, contribute to this condition’s complexity.

In addition to the common dry feeling, individuals afflicted with Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) may experience sensations of grittiness or stinging in their eyes, sporadic blurred vision that clears upon blinking, a sensation akin to having a foreign object in the eye, and heightened sensitivity to light.

Dry eyes may manifest naturally due to aging or hormonal shifts, particularly affecting women during pregnancy, while taking oral contraceptives, or undergoing menopause. Women over 50 face a 50 per cent higher risk of dry eye disease compared to men of the same age. Certain medications that diminish tear production, such as antihistamines, blood pressure medications, and antidepressants, can also contribute. Environmental elements like air conditioning or heating systems, as well as prolonged screen time with inadequate blinking, exacerbate symptoms by drying out the eyes.

Individuals with medical conditions like diabetes, blepharitis, lupus, arthritis, and thyroid disorders are more susceptible to developing DES. Other triggers include eye surgeries like LASIK, eyelid malfunctions, or prolonged contact lens use.

Contrary to popular belief, Dry Eye Syndrome doesn’tt always present with red, itchy eyes; surprisingly, watery eyes can also indicate this condition, causing confusion among many associating dryness with its name. If you recognise any of these symptoms, it’s imperative to schedule an eye examination with our optometrists.

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