Last Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret to be held in all-new location

L-R: Andrew Darling and Szara Fox. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Callum Ludwig

The Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret is back for a third and final year and making the move to Badger Creek.

Still retaining the small hall feel from East Warburton, the Badger Creek Hall will be the location for Velveteen Productions’s third edition of the event on Saturday 27 April.

Andrew Darling and Szara Fox of Velveteen Productions, who also perform as part of Szara Fox and the Midnight Secrets, said they wanted to bring what they’ve been doing closer to Healesville where they live.

“It can be a competition to see who’s the coolest out of Warburton and Healesville, I think the hall is a little smaller but the Badger Creek Hall is just a beautiful old hall, walking into that felt like I was almost transported back to the 1940s, it has that historical feel,” Mr Darling said.

“Original and unique live music is a treasure in this world and it’s something that will really inspire people’s spirits, though almost every day in the media you see a story about another festival that’s cancelled or another live music venue that has gone under due to financial hardship,”

“Even in such an arty place like Melbourne it is really struggling, so that’s another reason for people to get out there, to keep live music happening and viable.”

The lineup consists of the ever-present performance Szara Fox and the Midnight Secrets with their Balkan-inspired Gypsy-infused dance grooves, Healesville singer-songwriter Ash King and the Vardos Trio with their fiery folk and instrumental gypsy music learned in Hungary and Romania.

Ms Fox said the focus of the Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret is also very much on community and connection and encourages people to come along to what might be the last edition of the event as it is.

“It’s a really great place for like-minded people that like music and something different to come to and meet new people or old friends that they might not have seen for long time,” she said.

“The reason why we most likely will have this as our last Small Hall Gypsy Cabaret is because we’ve got some other projects in the pipeline that also involve live music but with a different location, a different structure and a different twist to it which will be happening next year.”

A tarot reader with the traditional Gypsy wagon in tow will make an appearance at te event and chai and cake will be available to keep attendees fed and fuelled for the night of dancing.

Doors open at 6.30pm on the night and only 100 tickets are available at the following link: