Meet the artists at YAVA

Artists David Bennett and Kerryl Shirley.

Yarra Valley Arts Hub and Gallery invites you to view some of the work of artists David Bennett and Kerryl Shirley.

Ms Shirley and Mr Bennett met 25 years ago and have underpinned their relationship with a deep and ongoing commitment to their arts practices.

Mr Bennett takes much of his inspiration from the natural world and attempts to portray the feeling of what he sees or experiences in the environment. He exhibits regularly both locally and nationally.

Ms Shirley has been a practising artist for nearly forty years. Her preferred disciplines are painting, assemblage, collage and installation.

She has exhibited regularly in all states of Australia and her work is in private and public collections.

Savaad Felich is a well-known sculptor with over 35 years of experience. His arts practice primarily utilizes reclaimed timbers, furniture parts from hard rubbish and found objects to create figurative and often whimsical pieces.

These are generally very colourful and emit a sense of attitude and mischievousness.

Savaad has extensive exhibition experience as an artist and exhibition installation and has been commissioned for a number of public & private collections.

YAVA Gallery Director Andrew Chew said, “These artists represent the enormous artistic talent that exists in the Yarra Valley.”

The YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub is now open to the public following the launch of the first of four Members Only exhibitions on Thursday 9 May.

The gallery is located at 252 Maroondah Highway, Healesville and is open from 10am to 4pm from Wednesday to Sunday.