Good turnouts at the Warburton Golf Club

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

The V.V.V’s:

Did not play on this public holiday, as the Club conducted a Stableford comp. Results from this were as follows: Geoff Sharp won the day with a fine 40 points. This easily accounted for our runner-up, in John Haynes, who posted a 37-point result. Balls paid out for 33+ points. The NTPs went to Jack Sheehan (3rd), Michael Fox (9th), Deb Hamment (12th) and Ross Machar (15th).

Wednesday 12 June, 2-Person Ambrose:

This novelty event attracted a good-sized field, and, although a challenge on a damp track, good scores were in evidence. The best of these was posted by the team of Peter Bell and Tim Jones ( Belly is the hot streak player in the Club at the moment, and Tim is clearly on a way-too-generous handicap). Anyway, their excellent Nett 62.7 was enough, by 0.3 strokes, to win the day. The tried-and-true pair breathing down their neck, was, of course, David Hatt and P.K. They posted a neat Nett 63. The NARGA went to a nameless Ladies’ pair, who I am reliably informed had a lot of fun out there but not a lot of pars. The NTP winners were: P.K. (3rd), Mario De Vincentis (9th), Ray ‘Skipper’ Gilmore (12th) and Matt Maloney (15th).

Saturday 15 June, Par:

Once again, the Par comp has sorted out the field, because 30+ played and only 4 of them finished in the ‘pluses’. And the best of these went to Alan McDonald, in a welcome return to form, with a stunning +4 in challenging conditions. The hot man of the Club, Peter Bell, was runner-up to Alan, in B-Grade with a fine +1. Well done to both Macca and Belly. But, in A-Grade is where the really exciting news is evident. Roger Mataele won the top prize with a solid +2, on a countback, from Paul Osbourne, who also finished 2-up. That wasn’t enough for Rog. Because he snared the ultimate on the tough 15th hole, a rare ace. Of course, this won him the NTP on that hole. A great day for you, Roger. In both Grades, the balls went down to -3. The other NTP winners were Matt Maloney ( both the 3rd and the 5th, great shooting, M.M.), Dale Sund (9th) and Trevor Porter (12th).