A new star at Warburton Golf Club

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

The V.V.V’s:

There is a new star in town( or at least at the Golf Club), Suzanne Barratt has become the most consistent Lady playing at the club at the moment. With a healthy 8 players hitting off, Sue had plenty of opposition. Her 16 points gave her the top voucher and a second win in a row after being the runner-up the week before her first win. You’re a genuine star, Suzanne and take note K.B. of who has the bragging rights in the house at the moment even though Georgie didn’t beat you in the big match. Another very consistent lady, Annelies Duivenvoorden took home three balls for grabbing the runner-up spot.

Wednesday 5 June, Stroke and M.McGrann Bag day qualifier:

Stroke always sorts out the men/ladies from the boys/girls. And so, it was today, with early-bird John Haynes, standing tall, returning a pleasing Nett 68 in challenging conditions. I’ve told you about John before, as he is invariably in the first group out, along with his mate, Ross Machar. Well, they had a real day out, because not only did John collect the top voucher and qualify for the bag playoff later in the year, but Ross took home not one, but two NTPs, for great tee-shots on the 3rd and the 15th. Great work, boys. The daily runner-up was Laurie Doyle, who matched his handicap with a neat Nett 69. The other NTP winners were Phil ‘Senior’ Garside (9th) and Mick Eldridge for a fine shot on the 12th. Balls ran down to Nett 71 only.

Saturday 8 June, Stableford:

With the course still in great condition but damp meaning there was no run on the fairways, sensational scores were never likely. Even so, a result of 39 points should make James Stewart pleased, as that beat the rest of the 40+ field on this day. Good shooting, Jim, especially considering he also snared an NTP for a really impressive tee shot on the 5th. The A-Grade runner-up on this day was Neil ‘Mr Scotland’ Leckenby, returning a consistent 39 points also ( This meant that Jim only won on a countback). Peter Bell took home the B-Grade voucher with a solid 36 points (It appears Belly’s form is improving just like his beloved Tigers). That unique character Matthew Maloney put in one of his good results posting 35 points, for the runner-up award. Great work, M & M’s. In A-Grade, balls went down to 33, but only to 34 in B-Grade. The other NTP winners were: Steuart Hawke (3rd), Ross Archer ( 9th), Aaron Henderson (12th) and Angus ‘Junior’ Hall (15th).