Healthy turnout at Warburton Golf Club

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

The V.V.V’s:

Hooray, there were enough girls this week to have a daily comp. And, the consistent Merilyn McDonald made the most of that opportunity by snatching the top voucher with a solid 19 points. This was Merilyn’s second win in recent times and easily accounted for the rest of the field, as Suzanne Barratt took home the runner-up prize with a creditable 16 points. Merilyn topped off her day by producing a stunning tee shot on the tricky 12th that finished a metre from the pin, granting her that NTP prize. Good work, Ladies.

Wednesday 8 May, Stableford:

Josh Hin is riding the crest of a wave of very good form lately, and this day was no exception. Josh fired a 78 off the stick to amass a superb 41 points. This easily topped the rest of the nearly 40 field, because Club Secretary, Kevin Bargar grabbed the runner-up voucher, on a countback, by recording 35 points. Well done to both of those boys. With a stack of 35’s and 34’s posted, the balls only covered those scores. All the NTP prizes were taken as follows: Josh Hin clearly had a day to remember, because he also collected two of these (3rd and 5th). John Haynes grabbed the 9th, Merilyn McDonald the 12th and, finally, my old mate, Darryl Ward picked one up on the 15th.

Saturday 11 May, Stableford:

A healthy-size field battled it out for top honours on this day. Clearly, the most determined battler was young gun Angus Hall, who amassed 41 impressive points, to take home the B-Grade voucher. The B-Grade runner-up Stuart Patrick posted a 39-point result. The A-Grade top prize went home with Michael Pinkster, who accrued a 40-point round. Michael’s result easily accounted for the A-Grade runner-up, because Liam Kay returned a 36-point round. The ball rundown extended to 36 only. NTP winners on this day were Dale Horrobin (3rd), Lee Creedy (5th), Brayden Millar (9th), Michael Pinkster (12th), and Rod Kempton (15th).