Weekly Ladies competition begins at Warburton Golf Club

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

Monday 5 February:

It has finally happened, the Warburton Golf Club is now very pleased to report that it has launched an exclusive Ladies’ weekly competition to be known from now on as ‘Vicki’s Valley Venuses’. In this inaugural event, there was nine ladies playing, but there are high hopes that this number will swell to double that in the weeks and months ahead. Of course, the first-ever winner was the ‘hot Venus’ right now, Georgie Houniet, who has won everything recently including against the boys. Georgie’s game is as smooth as saffron, allowing her to amass 25 magnificent points on this day, a really impressive result for a nine-hole event. Coming in as runner-up, but still with a very good result, was Michele Jordon, posting an 18-point round. The 2 NTP winners were Georgie (3rd) and Ineke De Graff (9th). Well done to all who took part, and a special thank you to the Gill men (Jeff and Andy) for offering to sponsor this first-ever V.V.V. competition.

Wednesday 7 February, Stroke and M.McGrann Bag-day:

What a great day to play golf; magnificent weather, the course in tip-top condition and some superb results posted as a result. Henk De Graff took home top honours with a very consistent Nett 69. This also landed him the top B-Grade prize, so a good day for Henk and a very good day for the DeGraff family, because Ineke DeGraff seized the runner-up voucher with a Nett 71 (Henk does have bragging rights this week but only just). The A-Grade results were a little more modest but Club Captain Ra -Gilmore won’t be complaining about taking home the top voucher after his steady Nett 71. Young tyro Seth Spenceley earned the runner-up prize with a Nett 72. Balls on this day only extended to Nett 72. NTPs went to John Haynes (3rd), David Hatt (5th), Allan ‘Old Man River’ Hubbard ( 9th) and finally to Ken White (12th).


George Brown is one-half of the famous (in the Club anyhow) Brown brothers and had his first win in the time-honoured Twilight competition. George took home the top voucher, with 20 solid points. But only just having pipped Jason Kennedy in a tight Countback. Kenno also had 20 points and both men can be very proud of their result. Balls only crept down to 18. The 3 NTPs on offer went home with Jason’s brother, Sean, (10th), Ken ‘Mr. Consistent’ White (12th) and Kim Kennedy (15th and another of the talented Kennedy clan).

Saturday 10 February, Stableford:

Another lovely day weatherwise saw some outstanding results posted. The very best on the day was posted by the seriously multi-talented Tim McKail, who in his words, ‘just had one of those days’, amassing 42 points to take home the A-Grade voucher. This also meant that Tim shot mid-70s off the stick. The A-Grade runner-up was President Meredith. Ms. Nursey and Bagel took home both that prize and a superb NTP on the 5th. Her score posted was 39 impressive points. In B-Grade, Alan McDonald recorded a 41-point result and the NTP on the tough 15th; so his day was nearly as rewarding as the President’s. The B-Grade runner-up was my regular playing partner Shaun Nicholl who returned a 35-point result. Balls only got down to 35. The other NTPs went home with Geoff Sharp (3rd), Luke Patrick (9th) and David Wappett (12th).