Twilight shootout draws closer

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

Wednesday 31 January, Stableford:

Annelies Duivenvoorden is one of the many keen ladies playing regular comps now at Warburton, and is also one of the consistent improvers, who has worked hard on her game, and the results show this. On this day, Annelies was finally rewarded for her perseverance with an excellent return of 39 points, and the top voucher to go with it ( Plus, the other bonus, she was playing with her husband, Alphons, so he knows who has bragging rights in that house at the moment). Ross Machar was quite unlucky because his 39 points matched Annelies, but he had to accept the runner-up prize after a tense countback. It was still an impressive return, Ross. If you posted a 34-point round or better, you can claim a ball. The NTP winners were as follows: Dave Hatt (3rd), Ian ‘Junior’ Garside (9th), Annelies Duivenvoorden (12th) and not to be totally outshone Alphons Duivenvoorden (15th).


The Shootout is drawing ever closer, Loyal readers, so here is a brief end-of-January update, Pacey Luttgens and Jack Sheehan are still setting the pace, with 40 and 37 collective points respectively. Sam Dennis is leading the chasing pack and there are upwards of 15 making up that group who have a genuine shot at making the final Top Ten. The next few weeks will be exciting times indeed.

Male members at Warburton have been warned now more than once: the ladies are coming.

The winner of this week’s Twilight is none other than Georgie Houniet, arguably the most improved lady member of recent times (apologies to Deb). Georgie’s game has clicked together recently, as she has been mentioned in these columns a number of times. Her 21 excellent points this week won her the top prize, and although she is a long way off the top ten at the moment, she may be coming home with a wet sail. Runner-up to Georgie was Luke Patrick, whose game clicked together many years ago, as Luke is a seriously talented low handicapper. Luke recorded an excellent 20 points. Balls reached 18. NTPs went home with Sam Dennis (1st), Troy Veenker (3rd), Danny Fox (5th) and Paul ‘Ossie’ Osbourne (9th).

Saturday 3 February, Stroke and Monthly Medal:

The medalist for February is the always-consistent Barry Maltman. Barry’s game clicked into gear on this Medal day, as he posted a very impressive Nett 65, allowing him to take home the Medal, the B-Grade voucher and an NTP on the 3rd. Great day’s work, Baz. The B-Grade runner-up Alan McDonald recorded a Nett 68. Alan is fast becoming a very consistent golfer or his handicap is too generous. In A-Grade, a Nett 67 was good enough for Steuart Hawke to take home the chokkies, or at least the top voucher. Good job, Hawkey. The runner-up here was Peter Fox with a none-too-shabby Nett 68. Balls in both Grades only stretched to Nett 70. The other NTP winners were headed by the in-form Pacey Luttgens, who is celebrating his first ace, which he achieved on the tough 12th hole. Congrats from all Warburton members, Pacey. Other NTP winners were Noel Cross (9th) and Troy Veenker (15th).