Ken Barratt cleans up at Warburton Golf Club

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

Wednesday 15 November, Par:

One of the Warburton Golf Club’s lady members, part of the ‘hunting pack’, didn’t win on this day but they did snare the runner-up prize. It took an outstanding result, on the part of K.B, to keep that lovely lady out of the top spot! So thank you Ken Barratt for finding your very best form this day, to return a stunning +6, at the cost of 1, or even 2 shots off that way-too-generous handicap (Although the $60 voucher will soothe that outcome.)

So, a new member, Georgie Houniet, whose game is now as smooth as Saffron, threaded her way to a superb +5. That will impact your new handicap, Georgie. With those good scores being posted, the ball rundown only got to +1. NTPs went home with Peter Whitehead (3rd), ‘Junior’ Garside( 9th and nearly an ace), Neil Leckenby (12th) and Ray Gilmore (15th).


Under cloudy skies, but in perfect golfing weather, a healthy field of 40+ enjoyed those perfect conditions. And coming in with a near-perfect result was Steve Noonan, who amassed 22 points. Mind you, that win for ‘Noons’ only just scraped in, because runner-up, Braydon Millar, only lost the top prize on a countback. Great scores though by both boys and with that sort of scoring, balls only extended to 19. NTP winners were Clinton Toohey (10th), Braydon Millar (12th) and Jane Schendzielorz (15th).

Saturday 18 November, Stableford:

A beautiful late spring day provided a spring in the step of plenty in the field. Springing the highest again was Ken Barratt, with a massive 42 points posted to take home the B-Grade voucher. K.B. once again, stopped the charge of the lady members, for claiming runner-up rights was Merilyn McDonald, who posted a 41-point round (Poor old Alan, she has bragging rights again.) Both K.B. and Merilyn will play with reduced handicaps the next time they step up to the 1st tee surely. In A-Grade, the scores were nearly as impressive, because Danny Fox returned a very healthy 40-point result to claim the top prize. Once again it was a Lady member pressing him for top honours. Ever-popular Club President Meredith Nursey had a great day, posting a 39-point result. Great work, Prez. Balls in both grades reached 36. The NTP winners were as follows: Clinton Toohey (3rd), Michael Batten (5th), Glen Patrick (9th), Ms Nursey and Bagel (12th) and Sean Kennedy (15th).