Wandin Cricket Club announce first womens side

A women's team will be taking to the field at Wandin from next season. Picture: SUPPLIED

By Callum Ludwig

The Wandin Cricket Club has made the exciting announcement of their very own standalone women side’s which will be joining the Ringwood District Cricket Association (RDCA) in the upcoming 2022/23 season.

They become the third Upper Yarra women’s team in the RDCA competitions, with Launching Place and Yarra Junction having established sides.

Wandin Cricket Club President Bryce Edwards said the club has been in the process of getting the team together for the past seasons.

“Previously we had been in discussion with another local team to go in as a joint team, but we’ve been able to go in alone,” he said.

“We’ve already got a group of core players, sitting at about six or seven so now it is really time to get the team going.”

The RDCA currently has three divisions of women’s cricket; A, B White and B Blue Grade.

Wandin Cricket Club Vice President Kate Hamilton said its really great to see more females coming into the sport.

“In the past, cricket has been quite a male-dominated sport and it’s really good to see that even in smaller towns, there’s such a demand for women’s cricket,” she said.

“I’ve had a few people who have no experience playing before whatsoever who are interested, and mums of kids who play now and it will be a great opportunity to come through and learn and play cricket for them.”

Nearby clubs Launching Place, Montrose and Yarra Junction have shown there is plenty of telent in the local area, finishing fourth, second and fifth in A, B White and B Blue Grade respectively.

Both Mr Edwards and Ms Hamilton said the new team will be a great opportunity to get people involved with local sport again.

“Today with all the Covid stuff that’s gone on, the mental health side of things is very important whether that be reaching from womens to older men or younger kids,” Mr Edwards said.

“Mums, girlfriends, wives or friends are getting involved in the club where they previously wouldn’t have had that opportunity, it’s been really positive. They’re all really excited to see the different strengths of cricket, the personalities and the socialising around the club,” said Ms Hamilton.