Warburton Golf Club results

Warburton Golf Club results. Picture: ON FILE

By Ron Hottes

Wednesday 15 June, PAR:

Oh boy did the wind blow on this game day! Add a few heavy showers and a “feels-like” temperature a few degrees lower than 11, and you can feel the comfort level was a tad inhospitable. That’s why Steuart Hawke’s -2, which would usually never win the day, was probably the equivalent to about +2 or even +3! Well done, Hawkey, a stoic effort. Geoff-Leckenby knocked off Your Loyal Scribe for the runner-up voucher, with a -3. I mention this obscure fact because Geoff’s father, Neil, ( alias “Mr Scotland”), also knocked off Your Loyal Scribe for an NTP on the 9th! ( I see an unsociable trend developing here!) As expected, the ball rundown went all the way down to -5! The other NTP winners were Glen Forbes (3rd) and Ross Machar (5th). There were none on the challenging 12th or the 15th.

Saturday 18 June, Stableford:

A better day, weather-wise, for golf meant some genuinely good scores were posted here. ( And, sometimes, quirky things happen on the course. Tex, Barry and Neil play together most weeks, twice a week even! So, look at the following results, loyal readers!) The best score, on the day, was owned by Barry Maltman, with a very impressive 39 points. The runner-up voucher went to his REGULAR playing partner, Neil Leckenby, with 36 solid points! But, fear not folks, Tex Van Der Kooi was not far behind, as he collected a ball! ( The 4th member of this star-studded group shall remain nameless!) Balls actually got down to 31! Finally, the NTP’s went to Happy Gilmore (3rd), Darren Wyatt (5th), Neil Leckenby- here we go again (9th), Clint Smallman (12th) and Roger Mataele (15th).