Warburton Golf comp results

Warburton Golf Course. PICTURE: RENEE WOOD

By Ron Hottes

Wednesday 15 December: Stableford

Well, fellow ‘golf tragics’, I can report on some super-impressive scoring at W.G.C. this last week.

It started with relatively new member, Glen-Forbes, racking-up* 45 superb points, to take home the daily voucher.

Steuart-Hawke can think himself very unlucky, as he took home the runner up prize with 42 points, ( a score that would win on any other day).

No surprise, therefore, that the ball rundown only got down to 37.

NTP winners were Richard-Clifton, (3rd), Ms. Dickson, ( 5th), Barry-Maltman, (7th and 9th), Junior-Garside, (12th) and to Steuart-Hawke, (15th).


It was bound to happen, folks one day.

The Spenceley’s hit the jackpot – Junior, Seth, and father, Simon, both had 23 impressive points to fight out bragging rights for this week.

Junior won on a C’back, although I keep telling him that he’s not allowed to beat his father,

It’s a local rule, but he keeps ignoring me!

Anyway, hearty congratulations to both father and son! Balls went down to 19 only. (No NTP winners were available)

Saturday 18 December: 4-Person Ambrose, for the Christmas breakup, and Presentation-Day

Firstly, to the actual golf on the day, 4-Person Ambrose results always seem to amaze me.

Even if your team is having a day out, how can you break 60 off-the-stick? (That’s a whole lot of birdies, eagles and definitely NO bogies!)

Anyway, the winning team, of Ray-Gilmore, Paul-Long, Lance-Atwell and Shane-Campbell recorded a raw score of 61, to Nett at 53.325.

This was good enough to give Happy, Snorks, Gator and “the happy Bomber” the big prizes on the day.

Grabbing runners up vouchers, with a gross 59 and a nett result of 53.75, were The Fox-Brothers, (Peter/Danny), Roger-Mataele and Sam-Dennis.

NTP’s were won by Dave-Werner, (a guest, on the 3rd), ex-Captain Cross, (5th), Mike-Plant, (9th), Paul-Osbourne, (12th) and to Gator, (15th). Longest-drive winners were Patricia-Eldridge, Gator and Willo.

The following list shows the board-event winners announced at presentation.

Our Open Club Champion, for the 9th time, was ‘Course-Superintendent’ Paul-Mason.

Dave-Wappett was the B-Grade champion.

Tex-Van Der Kooi took out C-Grade honours.

Our Matchplay Champs were Paul-Mason, (A-Grade), Dave-Wappett, (b) and Tex, (C).

Our Open Ladies Champion was Kim-Kennedy.

Junior Champion was Seth-Spencely.

Our Open Foursomes Champions were Steve-Wyatt and Michael-Pinkster.

*A full list of all the winners will be published in the Star-Mail in one of the early editions of 2022.

I would like to extend best wishes to all our regular Star Mail golfers, for a fun-filled, relaxing and SAFE Christmas, from all at Warburton G.C. See you all in 2022.