Waburton comp results

Warburton's golf comp is back on now restrictions have eased. PICTURE: RENEE WOOD

By Ron Hottes

Well, readers as you know we are now ‘fully’ back to our regular comps the first Wednesday comp back on 4 November demonstrated how rusty we all are.

The member who ‘brushed-off the cobwebs’ best during this Stableford round, was Mario De Vincentis.

His 34 points knocked off Alan Johnston on a C/back, so A.J. had to be content with the R/up voucher, but well done to both Mario and Alan on the day.

Balls still only got down to 32, so your loyal scribe just missed out – AGAIN!

NTP’s are back and our first collection of winners are ‘Old-Man-River’ Hubbard, (3rd), P.K. (5th), Bob-Hendy ( both the 9th & 15th), and to Alan-McDonald, (12th).

Twilight is also back and from next week you can enjoy a tasty Skye meal after your game, washed down with a coldie.

In our first game back, Thursday 5 November, Stuart-Patrick blitzed the field with a VERY impressive 22 points.

This beat our R/up, Junior-Spenceley, who was still very pleased to score 19 points in his first game out.

Balls did extend to 18 only. NTP winners were “Bruno”-Kennedy, (3rd), Jimmy-Stewart, (1st) and to Pat-O’Regan, (9th).

Saturday 6 November more Stableford Steve-Wyatt, one of our leading Master’s-Pennant players, grabbed the winner’s voucher with great gusto, by amassing 39 points on the day.

(Unfortunately, we are losing Steve in the New-Year, because he and his wife have bought in Queensland; why would he want to do that?)

The R/up to Steve was Dave-Wappett, who recorded 37 points, good work ‘Wapp’.

If you scored 33 plus you can collect a ball from Mr Murch next time you visit the Club.

NTP’s were won by ‘Belly’, (3rd), Danny-Fox, (5th AND 15th), Roger-Mataele, (9th) and to Peter-Fox, (12th).