Liberals promise to restore reservoir park

Eildon MP Cindy McLeish says the park needs urgent restoration. 187717_01

If elected at the 24 November election, the Victorian Liberal Party has pledged $500,000 to return Maroondah Reservoir Park to its former glory.

On 14 November Liberal Eildon incumbent Cindy McLeish said that the pledge has been made in response to growing community concerns about the poor state of the park.

“I am here today to announce that an elected Liberal Nationals Government will inject $500,000 to commence restoration projects to this park,” she said.

“This was once the premier tourist destination in Healesville for people from Melbourne and locally to visit for the views, picnics and family outings.

“I have had so much feedback from so many people on the current state of the park really letting everybody down. It’s about time some money was allocated to lift the standard and make it a place everyone in Healesville and surrounds can be proud of again.

“The park’s state was raised at a recent candidates forum in Healesville and with funding often being cited as an impediment to the restoration we have decided to give it this kick-along.

“Parks Victoria have been quite inactive for too long and this funding will give them the opportunity to push this project higher up their list of priorities.”

The funding will go towards repairing the toilet and kiosk facilities, clean-up of the park, rehabilitating the roads and the car park.