Low scores ahead

By Ron Hottes

The Warburton Golf Club course is finally giving up some very good scores to members.

As it dries out, and players get some decent run, a score of +10 in the 4BBB PAR format in the Wednesday 26 September competition means that low scores are about to occur frequently.

Allan-Hubbard and Steuart Hawke have won their share of 4BBB comps, so it was no surprise that they were the victors on this day.

Tex Van Der Kooi and Neil Leckenby were right behind on +9 to snare the runner-up prize.

Balls only went down to +8.

The daily nearest the pins went to Steve Wyatt on the ninth, Ms Nursey on the 15th and Andy Lockey for a smart second shot on the 17th.

On Saturday 29 September, the Eagle landed at the MCG but a Hawke did the same in the stableford competition at Warburton Golf Club.

The Steuart-variety soared for a win by accumulating 44 unbelievable points, braining all of the field.

Playing to a handicap of 14, this means that Steuart shot mid-70s off the stick.

The runner-up, with an equally impressive total of 42 points, was Darren Wyatt.

Is he now clearly better than the old-man? This writer thinks so, as he also achieved the rare distinction of grabbing not one, not two, but three nearest the pins, on the third, fifth and ninth.

Fortunately, there were two other nearest the pins to win.

David Scott grabbed the one on the 12th and Captain Cross the 15th.

Players who scored 35 points up, they can claim a ball.