Eagles soar to drought-breaking win

Eagle Thomas Boxhell gets tackled over the line before going on to goal.




Preliminary final

Woori Yallock 18.10.118 d Healesville 14.14.98

Woori Yallock will take on Wandin in the Division 1 Grand Final on Friday 28 September.

Woori Yallock started fiercely, kicking 7.5 to 1.1 in the first.

They had a six goal to four second quarter to be in the lead by 52 points at half time.

Healesville regrouped in the third and won it by 10 points to reduce the margin to 24 points at the last change.

Healesville also won the last quarter, but needed to be accurate in front of goal.

They kicked themselves out of it with 4.5.

Woori Yallock best: C. French, R. Allen, J. Matthews (4 goals), R. Monkhorst, S. Kennedy, M. Lowe.

Healesville best: N. Mende, A. Fraraccio, J. Roe-Duggan (4 goals), L. Barclay, D. Anderson (2 goals), S. Donkin.


Preliminary final

Mount Evelyn 8.14.62 d Upwey Tecoma 8.3.51

Mount Evelyn will take on Olinda Ferny Creek in the Grand Final.

Mount Evelyn best: R. Fooks (1 goal), B. Cronkshaw (1 goal), B. Hindhaugh-Billington (1 goal), J. Shaw, B. Williams, B. Klaas-Henry.

Upwey Tecoma best: N. Waterman (4 goals), M. Tonge, K. Townsend-Finlay, S. Gannell, N. Horne, R. Burke.


Grand final

Yarra Junction 20.17.137 d Seville 6.5.41

Seville finished minor premiers but Yarra Junction beat the side two weeks ago.

These two had never met in a Grand Final.

Seville’s last second division premiership was in 1995 when they beat Kinglake, and Yarra Junction won their last title in 1990 when they beat Belgrave.

Since 1990, Seville has been runners-up three times and Yarra Junction four.

Some punters tipped Yarra Junction, but most would have tipped Seville.

It was apparent that the better-rested team was going to prevail.

Yarra Junction got off to a blinder in the first, kicking 5.5 to 3.1.

Tyson Wheeler was a handful for Seville.

The Eagles sapped all the energy from Seville in the second, piling on 6.5 to 1.2 to have a 49-point lead at the major break.

Seville looked stunned and completely outclassed.

The third quarter was quiet in comparison. The Eagles had full control and were heading for home with a very handy 59-point lead.

Yarra Junction started the party early in the last and kicked 7.2 to 1.1 – more than Seville had scored all day.

Yarra Junction broke a 28-year drought with the win.

Yarra Junction best: T. Armstrong (Best on Ground Medallist), J. Holmes (1 goal), C. Hoare (1 goal), T. Wheeler (5 goals), M. Sword, K. Robb (2 goals).


Grand final

Seville 13.8.86 d Gembrook Cockatoo 4.5.29

Seville best: J. Young (Best on Ground Medallist and 3 goals), C. Trainor (1 goal), K. Mullett, J. Strachan, R. Djohan.

Gembrook Cockatoo best: B. Wareham, G. Hartridge, C. Moore, S. Strohbeck, D. Trevorah (1 goal), J. Van Der Zwart (1 goal).


Preliminary final one

Gembrook Cockatoo 13.12.90 d Mount Evelyn 13.5.83

Gembrook Cockatoo best: M. Wareham (3 goals), M. Frazzetto, B. Diprose, F. Trott (1 goal), J. Tilly (1 goal), D. South.

Mount Evelyn best: C. Burton (6 goals), H. Watson, N. Hoskin, T. Dodd (3 goals), B. Rattray (1 goal), A. Johansen.

Preliminary final two

Healesville 6.12.48 d Monbulk 7.3.45

Healesville best: L. Scott, M. Renouf, M. Minney (3 goals), T. Green (1 goal), J. George (1 goal), M. Donegan (1 goal).

Monbulk best: M. Dekker, H. Finlay (4 goals), A. Banks, K. Linde, D. Ross, A. Richardson.



Preliminary final

Olinda Ferny Creek 55 d Woori Yallock 47

Olinda Ferny Creek will go for back-to-back flags next week after coming from behind to get the win over Woori Yallock.

Woori Yallock got the early lead by two goals.

It was 13 goals each in the second and no one gave an inch.

Olinda Ferny Creek got some much-needed turnovers to take the lead by one goal at the last change.

They managed to get control of the game in the last.

Olinda Ferny Creek best: K. Tomlinson, P. Stewart (47 goals), B. Smith.

Woori Yallock best: E. Allwell, A. Newham, A. Stranger.


Preliminary final

Woori Yallock 46 d Olinda Ferny Creek 45

Woori Yallock best: H. Summers (37 goals), K. Eslick, M. Lee (9 goals).

Olinda Ferny Creek best: R. Pendleton, J. Batey, D. Portarianos.


Preliminary final

Olinda Ferny Creek 40 d Monbulk Hawks 28

Olinda Ferny Creek best: K. Shaw, K. Andrich (24 goals), S. Raszkiewicz.

Monbulk Hawks best: I. de Wit (23 goals), S. Broekhof, S. Munday.


Preliminary final

Warburton Millgrove 29 d Olinda Ferny Creek 26

Warburton Millgrove best: T. Ward, G. Woods, B. De Pedro (13 goals).

Olinda Ferny Creek best: M. Tomlinson, S. Miller, C. Bates (11 goals).

17 and UNDER

Preliminary final

Healesville 26 d Woori Yallock 22

Healesville best: B. Erickson, T. Voce, E. Duff.

Woori Yallock best: T. Osborne, T. Hargrave, M. Lee.



Grand final

Yea 45 d Kinglake 44

Yea best: G. Duncan (Best on Court Medallist), R. Hickey, M. Leatham.

Kinglake best: A. Waack, C. Ryan, A Barnes.


Grand final

Seville 48 d Yea 34

Seville best: M. Foster (Best on Court Medallist), C. Nolan (25 goals), H. Prousialkas.

Yea best: C. Newcomen, L. Cronk, C. Hayes (12 goals).


Grand final

Yea 45 d Seville 39

Yea best: F. Purvis (Best on Court Medallist), M. McSpeerin, R. Aldous (31 goals).

Seville best: C. Booth (20 goals), C. Tesselaar, R. Groen (19 goals).


Grand final

Yarra Glen 15 d Gembrook Cockatoo 13

Yarra Glen best: M. Bazzocco (Best on Court Medallist), M. Young, C. Adam.

Gembrook Cockatoo best: E. Cortese, J. McCann, M. Francis.