$4M tank upgrade for Healesville

Cornish Hill Water Tank. 176875_01 Picture: Kath Gannaway.

By Kath Gannaway

Yarra Valley Water will spend $4million on a major upgrade of the Cornish Hill Reservoir water storage tank in Mt Riddell Road, Healesville.
Yarra Ranges Council’s planning department have yet to sign off on the project, the plans for which were lodged in October last year and with Ward Councillor Fiona McAllister confirming last week to the Mail that she will not be calling the matter in for a full council decision, the matter is expected to be decided under delegation some time in February.
The 38-year-old concrete tank, will be demolished and replaced with a 3mm marine grade aluminium tank with a capacity of an olympic-size pool.
In a letter to nearby residents, Yarra Valley Water advised that a new 230 metre long water pipe in Mount Riddell Road and a pressure reducing station on the site will ensure continued water supply while the works are carried out.
YVW General Manager for Growth Futures, Chris Brace, said the new tank would be the same height but with a slightly increased footprint increasing the capacity by about 10 per cent to 2.5million litre capacity.
Mr Brace said the Cornish Hill Reservoir is part of YVW’s water supply network for drinking water sourcing supply from the Badger Creek and Graceburn catchments and services around 3000 customers.
“There have been no real problems with the tank, it’s just come to a time in life after 38 years of good reliable operation to upgrade it.
“It does have a few issues and when it came to repair or replace the best investment of customer money was to replace it with a steel, fully-welded tank,” he said.
“We’re also taking the opportunity to make some improvements to the water supply zone so in future when we need to service or repair, or do any work on the tank, we won’t disrupt the water supply.”
Addressing concerns raised by one of two objectors to the application in relation to vegetation removal and possible impact on access to properties in Mt Riddell Road as a result of the construction works, Mr Brace said vegetation removal had been kept to a minimum which would allow accessibility for the construction works.
He said the main construction work was scheduled for winter when demand is down.
“We would look to start removal in April and to have the facility up and running by December for the 2018/19 summer season,” he said.
More information on the project is available online at www.yvw.com.au/cornishhillupgrade. The planning application can be viewed at https://eplanning.yarraranges.vic.gov.au reference 112 Mt Riddell Road, Healesville. YR2017/962.
YVW Project Manager, Rebecca King, can be contacted on 9872 2617.