By Cameron Hutchison

Round 4 in AFLYR had some surprise wins and big wins in both football and netball.
The winners in senior football: Mount Evelyn, Healesville, Wandin, Upwey-Tecoma, Woori Yallock, Alexandra, Seville, Yarra Junction and Yarra Glen.
A Grade netball winners: Mount Evelyn, Emerald, Upwey-Tecoma, Olinda Ferny Creek, Wandin, Belgrave, Powelltown, Yarra Junction and Yarra Glen.
Next week is the AFL VIC Worksafe Community Championships and AFL Yarra Ranges takes on Gippsland at Woori Yallock Football Ground.
There are four games for the day – Under 18s and senior football, as well as 17 and Under and Open Netball.
Make the effort and come along and support some of the best players in the competition.
Division 1 Seniors Football
Mount Evelyn 11.13(79) d Gembrook-Cockatoo 1.6(12)
Gembrook played host to Mount Evelyn and got off to a good start and a one-point lead at quarter time. Unfortunately for them that was where it ended. Mount Evelyn came out in the second and piled on 4.4 to Gembrook two behinds to take the lead by 25 points at the main break. Mount Evelyn did not trouble the scoreboard much in the third but Gembrook could not manage any score in the third and the game was all but over. Gembrook could not get their game going at all, but Mount Evelyn kicked 5.3 in the last to come away with a big win and fifth spot on the ladder.
Mount Evelyn Best: Daimon Kift, Andrew Chalkley (2 goals), Jack Beamish (2 goals), Bayley Forbes, Steven Martin, Diogo Duarte.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: Ricky Causer (1 goal), Daniel Welsh, Colin Bastow, Ben Fenton, Riley Wilson, Dan Leversha.
Healesville 24.10(154) d Emerald 5.8(38)
Healesville hold third spot on the ladder after a confidence-boosting win over Emerald. Healesville were very accurate in front of goal in the first, kicking seven goals to one and would have been feeling comfortable with a 35-point lead at quarter time. Another six goals to one in the second and the lead was now a huge 11.2 at half-time. Healesville had 12 goal kickers for the day and Paul Florance led the charge with a bag of six. Considering the weather conditions, Healesville were accurate in front of goal and did not waste their opportunities. A 7-goal third quarter sealed the deal and it was all over.
Healesville Best: Nicholas Mende (1 goal), Michael Anson (1 goal), Paul Florance (6 goals), Shaun Donkin, Casey Adams (1 goal), Lachie Pratt.
Emerald Best: Lachlan Sheppard, Caillin Porter, Michael Dompietro (1 goal), Brendan Wilson, Jake Pedder (1 goal), Dale Karacsonyi.
Wandin 25.11(161) d Warburton-Millgrove 5.4(34)
Warburton-Millgrove, like Gembrook and Monbulk, have been left wondering where their first win will come from. They came up against a fierce team in Wandin and could not get a look in anywhere. Wandin got off to a good start, kicking 6.3 to 2.3 and a 4-goal lead soon turned into a 12-goal lead at half-time. Matt Polkinghorne was impressive kicking five goals for the day and was assisted by 13 other goal kickers. Wandin kicked 8.3 to one behind in the second to set the tone for the remainder of the day. Wandin kicked another seven goals in the third and at the end of the day were big winners and sit on top of the ladder.
Wandin Best: John Ladner (2 goals), Hans Dudink (1 goal), Thomas Hinds, Robert Ross, Scott Dwyer (3 goals), Nicholas Molnar (1 goal).
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Michael Walker, Andrew White (3 goals), Liam Barnard, Jayden Mullan, Matthew Lewis, Jason Walker.
Upwey Tecoma 14.11(95) d Monbulk 8.14(62)
Monbulk are yet to get their first win and Upwey certainly was not going to be the ones to let that happen. Upwey kicked eight goals to two in the first to take a 6-goal lead into qtr time. The second quarter was a low-scoring affair with Upwey kicking 2.2 to Monbulk’s 1.5. Accuracy on behalf of Monbulk could have made all the difference to the momentum in this game but Upwey maintained the advantage. Monbulk outscored Upwey in the third, kicking 1.3 to three behinds but a 5-goal lead to Upwey was just too hard to drag back. Four goals apiece in the last gave Upwey a win by 33 points.
Upwey Tecoma Best: Billy Duncan, Christopher Hayes (5 goals), Haydn Stanley (1 goal), Daniel Waters (1 goal), Liam Beacom, Dillon Devers (3 goals).
Monbulk Best: Jared Major, Patrick Barge (1 goal), Christopher Tibb, Hayden Gordic (3 goals), Joshua Rak, Shane VanSeters.
Woori Yallock 11.13(79) d Olinda Ferny Creek 5.10(40)
This game had several different seasons in one day. The game started out with Woori having more scoring shots than Olinda but could not get any majors and Olinda were in front by nine points at quarter time. Olinda got their running game going in the second, kicking 3.4 to 2.4 and a handy lead of 18 points at half-time and the fog had rolled in and seeing anything on the ground was going to be an issue for the rest of the game. The third quarter start was delayed slightly to allow the weather to clear and surprisingly enough the clouds lifted and the remainder of the game was in relatively clear skies except for the rain. The delay also paid dividends for Woori Yallock as they came out in the third and kicked 4.5 to Olinda’s two behinds and the tide had turned and Woori went into the last quarter with nine points. Olinda remained goalless for the half and Woori rubbed it in kicking 5.4 in the last and a comfortable win in the end by 39 points.
Woori Yallock Best: Hayden Smith (1 goal), Zack Monkhorst, Campbell Smedley, Marcus Baxter (3 goals), Mitchell Arnold (3 goals), Sa, Ismail.
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: James Charge, Stuart Horner, Luke Hill, Marcus Hottes (1 goal), Dale Rohrmann, Declan Fitzgerald.
Division 2 Seniors Football
Alexandra 17.13(115) d Powelltown 10.6(66)
Alexandra have moved to fourth on the ladder after a surprise win over Powelltown who are currently sitting second on the ladder. The first quarter was tight and Powelltown had the slightest of leads going into the second. Alexandra always prove to be hard to play at home and the second quarter showed that with them kicking six goals to one behind and the game had swung in their favour by six goals. Powelltown fought back in the third, outscoring Alexandra with 5.2 to four straight, but the lead was still too much to overcome. Alexandra ran away with it in the last kicking 4.9 to two straight. Alexandra’s inaccuracy probably made the final score look better than it was.
Alexandra Best: Ben Cooper (1 goal), Michael Coombs, Travis Carter (1 goal), Brayden Norris (6 goals), Chris Mullins, Jake Steyger.
Powelltown Best: Rhys Johnson (1 goal), Mitchell McLaughlin (1 goal), Shaun Falkingham, Peter Allen, Troy Hallmark, Nathan Moody (1 goal).
Seville 12.18(90) d Belgrave 9.14(68)
Seville have stunned Belgrave in what could be considered an upset. They now share third spot on the ladder with Belgrave and Alexandra after their win. The scores were all tied up at the end of the first, but Seville should have been in front after having 11 scoring shots to six. Seville kicked away in the second, kicking 3.4 to 1.5 and could catch their breath and regroup at the main break. Seville came out with the run in the third and piled on 4.5 to 1.3 and the lead was 30 points at three-quarter time. Belgrave outscored Seville in the last kicking 4.3 to 3.1 but it was all too late.
Seville Best: Jack Nolan, Dylan Broadway (2 goals), James Wilson (1 goal), Bryce Penwill, Daniel Groen, Mark Cecere (1 goal).
Belgrave Best: Matt Johnson, Nicholas Somervaille, Jordan McDermott (1 goal), Thomas Stubley, James Brown, Michael Brown.
Yarra Glen 25.18(168) d Yea 8.6(54)
Yarra Glen now sit clear on top of the Division 2 ladder and held the Pride Cup high on Sunday. Yarra Glen had ten scoring shots to three in the first quarter, but only had a lead of 17 points at quarter time. They kicked away in the second, kicking 6.5 to 1.1 and the lead had blown out at the major break to 51 points. Yarra Glen were certainly full of running even when the weather came in and made conditions uncomfortable for all. The third quarter did not see any pressure taken off Yea and 7.3 to 3.2 spelt trouble for Yea. Yea battled hard but could not combat the movement of the ball by Yarra Glen’s midfield; the relentless attack on the ball carrier was nonstop. An eight-goal last quarter, and 13 goal-kickers, was always going to be hard to contend with in anyone’s language.
Yarra Glen Best: Ross McDermott (7 goals), Grant Filsell (Pride Cup Medal – BOG)(1 goal), Damian Gilder, Jim Baughan (2 goals), Blake Binion, Cameron Tait (3 goals).
Yea Best: Lachlan Beattie (1 goal), Edward Neilson, Rhys Ali, Harrison Jarvie, Andrew Chisholm, Xavier O’Dwyer (1 goal).
Yarra Junction 11.7(73) d Thornton Eildon 6.6(42)
Yarra Junction have notched up their first win for the season at the expense of Thornton Eildon. Yarra Junction got out to an early lead kicking six goals to one in the first and from then on Thornton really had no answers to stop the run and carry of the Eagles. Thornton were held goalless in the second and Yarra Junction kicked another three to extend their lead to eight goals at half-time. Thornton came out in the third and kicked 4.2 to 2.1 in the third to peg back the lead slightly. Yarra Junction only kicked three behinds in the last but their lead was enough to get them on the scoreboard.
Yarra Junction Best: Allan Chandler, Wayne Robertson (1 goal), Leigh McCombe (3 goals), Daniel Wilson (4 goals), John Holmes, Jesse Swinden.
Thornton Eildon Best: Benjamin Wratten, Zachary King, Brendan Musgrove, Blake Azzopardi, Zachary Vujasic (1 goal), Josh Ward.
Kinglake: Bye.
Under 18s Football
Mount Evelyn 15.16(106) d Gembrook Cockatoo 4.4(28)
Mount Evelyn Best: Matthew Brierley (3 goals), Tallin Brill (2 goals), Matthew Gibbons (1 goal), Billy Batten (1 goal), Luke Inaps (3 goals), Nicholas Hoskin.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: Josh Mazur, Kye Osseweyer, Ryan Gascoigne, Dante South (1 goal), Corey Downard, Joel Orche.
Emerald 12.10(82) d Healesville 2.3(15)
Emerald Best: Bradley Pepi (1 goal), Mitch Thomas (1 goal), Braden Wood (4 goals), Joshua Webb, Kealy Jordan-Hill, Steven Kapahnke (3 goals).
Healesville Best: Kobe Brown, Max Boyle, Scott Gommers, Clinton Fulford, Jack George, Max Minney (2 goals).
Wandin 14.13(97) d Warburton-Millgrove 8.4(52)
Wandin Best: Jackson Byrne (2 goals), Shane Barrand (1 goal), Daniel Kennedy, Daniel Wathen, Bailey Stokes, Andres Baker (3 goals).
Warburton-Millgrove Best: Mitchell Leeds (4 goals), Coryn Reiffel, Michael read, Jack Bishop, Jesse Pride, Ethan Leeds (1 goal).
Upwey Tecoma 10.11(71) d Monbulk 6.7(43)
Upwey-Tecoma Best: Nathan Duckworth (1 goal), Andrew Bartils (2 goals), Isaac Shineberg (1 goal), Aaron Grenda (2 goals), Peter Booth (1 goal), Hunter Greenall (1 goal).
Monbulk Best: Travis Wills, Todd Rutherford, Huxley Dousset (1 goal), Adam Banks, Joshua Hill, Shane Ross.
Woori Yallock 8.16(64) d Yarra Glen 7.9(51)
Woori Yallock Best: Christian Cameron (4 goals), Alexander Ferguson (1 goal), Jack Hambling, Riley Whitworth (1 goal), Rhys Blackney, Jacob Aitchison (2 goals).
Yarra Glen Best: Angus Adamson (3 goals), Kyle Milner, Liam Evans, Aaron Zarris, Corey Hindhaugh, Bryce Archer.
Division 1 A Grade Netball
Mount Evelyn 76 d Gembrook Cockatoo 20
Mount Evelyn Best: Hannah Urquhart, Rachael Hickey, Cate Garlick.
Gembrook-Cockatoo Best: Cailtyn Dullard, Ashleigh Frost, Alisha Fitzgerald (7 goals).
Emerald 36 d Healesville 34
Emerald Best: Jazmyn Wray, Rosie Sullivan, Carla Volta.
Healesville Best: Chenile Chandler, Georgia Ford, Hayley Parrott.
Upwey Tecoma 49 d Monbulk Hawks 39
Upwey Tecoma Best: Samantha Silvester (41 goals), Peta Day, Bianca Moffatt.
Monbulk Hawks Best: Nicole MacDowell (14 goals), Olivia Rundle, Kaitlyn Seamer.
Olinda Ferny Creek 62 d Woori Yallock 51
Olinda Ferny Creek Best: Alice Paget, Madison Taylor, Krista Tomlinson.
Woori Yallock Best: Casey Barnes, Jasmine Evans, Sarah Hogan (21 goals).
Wandin 62 d Warburton Millgrove 22
Wandin Best: Tayissa Coppinger, Ebony Taggert, Jackie Cullimore (28 goals).
Warburton Millgrove Best: Georgia Stanke, Selina Fotia, Serena Gibbs (9 goals).
Division 2 A Grade Netball
Belgrave 91 d Seville 27
Powelltown 54 d Alexandra 29
Yarra Junction 50 d Thornton Eildon 44
Yarra Glen d Yea
Kinglake: Bye

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