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1812 Theatre


Serge buys an expensive painting – white crosses on a white canvas. To Mart, the painting is a joke. Yvan is on the fence. Battle lines are drawn, and the trio use The Art to settle scores and push their 15 year old friendship to the limit.

A Tony Award winner for Best Play and an Olivier Award winner for Best Comedy.

Season: 16 November – 19 December.

Burrinja Theatre

Xani – An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music – Live in the Lyre.

Xani, the award-winning musical alchemist brings her latest album An Inaccurate History of Electronic Dance Music to the Live in the Lyre. Get ready to be transported to a limitless and timeless musical world with Xani’s string-filled genre-expanding tracks.

Join Burrinja for a night of boundless dancing, soulful music and powerful vocals. Experience the music of Xani, who has been awarded Best Musician at the Music Victoria Awards and whose sound and voice have won over fans at packed theatres, small steamy jazz venues, nightclubs and even on Twitch, where she has thousands of followers.

Season: Friday 17 November at 8pm

Venue: Lyre Room

Gemco Theatre

Find Me

Based on a true story follows the protagonist Verity Taylor as she is dealing with increasingly damaging mental health issues. Verity’s family becomes fractured in their search for answers from a health system, at the time, that does not have answers for Verity’s particular case and so doctors and other medical health practitioners find themselves unable to advise Verity’s family.

The author Oliver Wymark has employed a technique known as ’multi-characterisation’ wherein actors swap the main roles and work as an ensemble to ‘find the real Verity’ in this gripping, and emotional drama. The ensemble of eight cast will rotate roles and play a myriad of characters.

Season: 3 – 12 November.

The Basin Theatre

The Sum of Us

A widowed father lives with his son and is very supportive of him finding Mr Right, while he in turn quietly hopes for some female company of his own. The play looks at love in whatever form it takes and the importance of having love in a person’s life.

We are drawn to the lives of two main characters through asides to the audience as we witness the jovial banter between father and son along with their internal monologues. Season: Thursday 23 November – Sunday 3 December.