YAVA welcomes artists from abroad

Brenda Meynell at YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub. Picture: LOU WHELAN

YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub is currently showcasing the artworks of seven local artists, two of whom recently arrived in Australia and the Yarra Valley.

Yarra Valley Arts Hub and Gallery invite you to view some of the work of artists Lee Herath and Brenda Meynell, whose work is influenced by their world travels.

Ms Herath is a contemporary photographic artist and her work is inspired by the Japanese aesthetic philosophical concept of ‘Wabi Sabi’ which focuses on finding beauty in simple, modest and natural things.

Ms Herath said, her work ‘goes beyond the surface to capture the spirit of the subject and create an appreciation for beauty in the ordinary’.

Born in Sri Lanka, Ms Herath came to live in the valley two years ago. She and her partner were attracted to life in the country and the vibrance of life in the Yarra Valley.

“It’s the art and the culture it offers, the food and wine and the community spirit that is so friendly and welcoming. There is so much potential to grow,” Ms Herath said.

Ms Meynell worked in interior design and fashion in the UK but it wasn’t until moving to the Spanish island of Ibiza in 2004, that she found herself painting seriously.

After dividing her time between Ibiza and Melbourne for four years she made a permanent move to the Yarra Valley last year.

Her painting process is intuitive, rarely starting a painting with a fixed idea.

Ms Meynell paints, strips back, paints again and in this way creates layers and a dialogue with the canvas, never knowing quite where the process will take her but loving the freedom of the journey.

Having lived and worked in overseas locations, Ms Meynell and Ms Herath offer an enriched world view which is reflected in their artwork.

The current exhibition of Yarra Valley Arts members is open 11am to 5pm, Wednesday to Monday until Sunday 2 June.

YAVA Gallery and Arts Hub is located at 252 Maroondah Highway.