Golf results from Warburton


By Ron Hottes

Wednesday 12 January: Stableford

Ahhh, it’s good to be back, confronting the ‘ebb and flow’ that the golfing gods have prepared for each of us. One of our more consistent members found his game was ‘flowing’ beautifully on this day.

Clint-Toohey amassed 38 solid points to take home the A-Grade voucher. The B-Grade prize went to Laurie-Doyle, as his game ‘flowed even more smoothly, with 39 points. Club Manager Murch was the R/up with 36 points. Balls extended to 35 only. (Thankfully your loyal scribe scored one.)

NTP winners were Captain-Nursey, ( both the 3rd and the 5th, good shooting, Bagel) John-Haynes, (9th) and to guest Harry-Zepnick, (15th).


As I’ve been away recently, I have not reported on the last two of our very popular Twilight rounds, but I can report that Danny-Fox, last week, won the night with a very impressive 21 points, although this win relied on a C’back!

Pat-O’Regan also totted-up 21 points, and could consider himself unlucky not to take home the big prize! Balls went to 19 only.

NTP’s were won by Dad-Spencely, (3rd), Mr. Consistent Toohey, (6th) and to Danny-Fox, 9th—probably why you won on a C’back, Danny!)

Saturday 15 January: Stableford

With more comfortable weather to play under, there was always going to be better scores recorded.

The best of the best on this day was the ageless Allan-Hubbard – I’m under strict instructions NOT to reveal his age, but the facts are he celebrated his birthday last week, and at the same time smashed the age/score barrier by 4 strokes.

Allan’s 41 points was, of course, the best on the day, allowing him to take home the A-Grade voucher. (No wonder I’ve dubbed him Old Man River.) Well done, Mr. Hubbard; Val’s not the only one who’s proud of your golfing exploits!

Andy-Lockey was the B-Grade winner with a none-too-shabby 40 points. The day’s R/up was Shane-Campbell, also with 40 points, (but is an A-Grader) Balls were won from 36 up.

NTP winners were your loyal scribe, (3rd), Clint-Toohey, (5th AND 15th), Danny-Fox, (9th) and Michael-Pinkster, (12th).