A colourful day at Wesburn Primary School

The children went through several laps, soaking up the colourful dust. PICTURES: SUPPLIED

By Renee Wood

Wesburn Primary School students have been treated to a day filled with colour, as the school hosted a special colour run event on Tuesday 30 November.

The Parents and Friends committee organised the day to provide some entertainment and to celebrate being back at school after two difficult years of remote learning.

The President of the group worked with the colour run company to arrange the supplies, while other members arranged the decorations and treats.

Committee member Meagan Newing said it was great for the event to finally go ahead after cancellations due to the weather.

“We really wanted to come together as a school community and celebrate being back with face to face learning and just being together again,” Mrs Newing said.

The children were able to do several laps under the sun with the colour dust busting through the air towards them.

“It was a celebration of all the hard work over the last couple of years, and the grade sixes really enjoyed themselves. They did as many laps as they wanted to and they were pretty little rainbows by the end of it.”

The day was also a fundraiser for the school, helping to raise donations for more extra curricular activities for the students.

The final tally is expected to be well into the thousands.

“We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves, so that’s why we really undertook the colour run, to have fun as a community but to also make sure that we raised much needed funds for our school as well.”