A reason to hope

Tamika, Nicholas and Iyla on the Hope Fence at Millwarra PS 209514 Pictures: STEWART CHAMBERS

Millwarra Primary School students are trying to keep a positive attitude during the Covid-19 pandemic through the creation of their Hope Fence.

Students have fixed their artwork to the school’s surrounding fence in hopes it will bring some joy to the local community too.

Art teacher Trish Snowdon said that the students were inspired to create something that highlighted how the pandemic had made a change to their life.

“It may have been that their family was a little bit different at the time. They may have had more people in their family staying with them or less.

“There might have been people they weren’t allowed to see anymore for a bit.

“It’s just about how to be positive in the community and the things they were doing at home to be positive and healthy.

“We just hope that when people drive by, it brings a bit of joy and happiness to their day.”