Mac attack on again

The proposed McDonald's and petrol station site on the Maroondah Highway.

Healesville residents’ interest in the potential construction of a McDonald’s franchise has spiked again following a Commercial Real Estate application for lot 1/17 Maroondah Highway, Healesville.

While listed as the sale for a petrol station site, buyers are offered to “Join McDonald’s in this major new development, in one of Melbourne’s major tourist areas”.

The listing, updated on 7 February, highlights the location as the “first petrol site into Healesville after the long drive from Melbourne” and that the development is “ready to go” with permits, plans and the site being levelled.

Healesville residents have been vocal in their support and opposition to a potential McDonald’s site for years.

Locals took to social media to share their views.

“Why not? On the way home from the AFL night football I sometimes stop at Croydon Maccas, if one was here I could stop there and not have to eat and drive.” – Alice

“I moved back out here to escape suburbia… if I wanted convenience I’d move back to the ugly burbs, but I don’t! Keep it quirky and different, not generic!” – Lisa

“I mean it would open up a lot of jobs for young people like myself, and although there are heaps of places with great food, it’s not always at a price people are wanting to pay for something quick.” – Max

“I don’t particularly want Maccas, but if Tecoma has shown us anything, it’s that if Maccas want to put up a store, they’ll do it, and no amount of community protest will stop them.” – Andrew

“Love maccas but not needed in town we have enough mess already!” – Greg

“So this (is) proposed for the gateway area at the start of town… that really sucks. Is that what we want our town’s first impression to look like?” – Tabitha

McDonald’s Australia has been contacted for comment.