Making a difference in the community

Marysville SES members.

The Victoria State Emergency Service Marysville Unit is currently recruiting new members and will host a member induction night on Tuesday 1 October for new members and those interested in joining.

Sarah Coomber is a community engagement officer for the Marysville unit and said that she has loved her time with the SES and that it’s a great way to learn new skills, while applying your own expertise.

“The biggest thing for me was that I didn’t actually know what the SES did… I wondered if I could actually be any help.

“There are so many different roles… You don’t have to be expected to be available for emergencies 24/7.”

Ms Coomber has four children at home and said she enjoys the opportunity to get out to the weekly training night.

She joined the SES after recently moving to the area as a way to meet new people and make friends.

In the last year, the Marysville SES Unit responded to over 120 calls for assistance.

Around 70 of those calls were for trees down blocking the road, with the others made up of road rescue and search and rescue events.

Marysville SES regularly supports Victoria Police and Ambulance Victoria at those types of incidents as well as travelling out of area to support neighbouring units.

The Marysville SES Unit has 15 volunteers, from all walks of life and all ages located across the Buxton, Taggerty, Narbethong and Marysville region who are highly trained and dedicated to their mission of making the community safer – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Marysville SES has teachers working alongside electricians, office workers, gardeners, forest fire fighters, retirees and university students.

From floods, storms, search and rescue, road crash rescue and much more – there’s a position for everyone at the SES, and anyone can make a valuable contribution.

The SES allows members to choose their level of commitment and to develop an individual’s own role and talent pathway.

The Marysville SES Unit’s information and induction night will be held on Tuesday 1 October at 13 Barton Avenue, Marysville at 7pm.

For more information, visit: or contact unit controller Josephine Hunter on 0409 180 653 or via email: