Preps celebrate 100 days of school

Matilda, Macey, Mrs Borg and Nate all dressed as a 100-year-old. 196575 Picture: JED LANYON

Healesville Primary School’s preps celebrated their 100th day of school on Friday 9 August.

The school marked the unique occasion with an assembly and a certificate for each Prep student to acknowledge the milestone.

The school had the dress-up theme of the number 100 and the preps embraced it by dressing up as someone who was 100 years old, while some stuck fake $100 dollar notes, stickers and other items to their clothes.

Prep teacher Sharyn Borg was proud to see how far her students had come since starting school.

“We thought it was something to celebrate. They have been amazing,“ she said.

“The things they have learned in 100 days is unbelievable.

“They’ve been learning to write and read and have made lots of friends.

“They’re learning how to play sports games, how to draw and paint.”

Mrs Borg said that the new students had settled in well and had used the week to prepare for the special event.

“They’ve been writing about what the world might be like in 100 days or drawing pictures of what they might look like in 100 years,” she said.

The preps sang a special 100-themed song for the occasion and then paraded their costumes around to the older students in the school hall.

Their creativity was on full display as some students stuck plastic bugs to their shirt alongside the words, ‘100 days of bugging Mrs Borg’.

One student, Ben, decided to dress as a crocodile that had eaten a 100-year-old man while classmate Macey dressed as her own nanna for the day, complete with glasses and a walking stick.

Mrs Borg brought in a walker and a rocking chair to the classroom to complete her 100-year-old costume.

Later in the day the preps enjoyed a party lunch.

The Mail sat down with some of the preps for a chat about their time at school: