Wandin wins a shot at Woori

Lauren Bennett put up 25 goals in her side''s win against Wandin. Pictures: BETHANY HUTCHISON

By Cameron Hutchison




Qualifying Final

Wandin 12.16.88 d Olinda Ferny Creek 9.10.64

Wandin will take on minor premiers Woori Yallock next week while Olinda lives to fight another day and will play Healesville next week in a knockout final.

The first quarter was tough, with neither side able to kick a goal.

They both kicked three in the second but the advantage was Wandin’s, by five points.

Olinda took control in the third and led by nine points at the final change.

Wandin really turned up the burners in the last and held Olinda to just one goal, but kicked six themselves.

Wandin best: P. Bruzzese, R. Heasley (3 goals), R. Ross (1 goal), K. Georgiou, J. Byrne, P. Hodgett.

Olinda Ferny Creek vest: L. Hill, K. Currie (1 goal), D. Wilson, D. Noorda, T. Millwood (2 goals), M. Bonuda.

Elimination Final

Healesville 24.15.159 d Upwey Tecoma 7.10.52

Upwey Tecoma beat Healesville in the previous round.

Healesville will now take on a bruised Olinda next week in another elimination final.

Healesville absolutely blew Upwey out of the water, kicking 10 goals to two in the first.

They oiled on another eight in the second, holding Upwey to just two points, and their lead was 100 points at half time.

They opened that up to 105 at the last break and kicked four goals in the last to end Upwey’s finals campaign.

Healesville best: K. Niki (4 goals), D. Anderson (2 goals), N. Mende, L. Barclay, T. Costigan, M. Jeffery (2 goals).

Upwey Tecoma best: W. Duncan, H. Stanley, B. Hinton, K. Grenda, B. Oates, T. Holland.


Qualifying final

Olinda Ferny Creek 10.5.65 d Wandin 5.4.34

Olinda Ferny Creek best: D. Rohrmann (2 goals), B.Schubert, R. Davis (1 goal), J. Faull, A. Evans, S. Hill (2 goals).

Wandin best: M. Sandfort, C. Foley, J. Spencer, B. Mills, J. Iedema, J. Napoleone.

Elimination final

Mount Evelyn 8.11.59 d Monbulk 6.6.42

Mount Evelyn best: T. Brill (3 goals), L. Doidge (1 goal), B. Maynard, B. Cronkshaw, B. Klaas-Henry.

Monbulk best: B. Hicken (1 goal), S. Koole (3 goal), N. Wall, C. Mitchell, B. James, J. Anderson.


Semi-final one

Yarra Glen 12.16.88 d Gembrook Cockatoo 10.9.69

Yarra Glen will take on Seville next week in the preliminary final.

The first quarter started with Gembrook taking control but Yarra Glen rallied to end up three points in front at quarter time.

They held Gembrook goalless in the second but kicked five themselves to lead by 36 points at half time.

Gembrook came out a different side in the third, and Yarra Glen went missing as Gembrook kicked six goals to one to reduce the margin to seven points as they headed for home.

Yarra Glen got the first goal of the last quarter and maintained a savage pressure on the Brookers, only allowing them to kick one goal while Yarra Glen peppered the goals with 2.5.

Yarra Glen best: D. Hurley, J. Donald, T. Russell, C. Tait, B. Binion, W. Kristelly.

Gembrook Cockatoo best: M. Firrito, D. Volta, D. Leversha, T. Lockyer (2 goals), P. Gramc (5 goals), T. Whytcross.

Semi-final two

Yarra Junction 15.16.106 d Seville 11.9.75

Yarra Junction stormed home over minor premiers to head directly into this year’s Division 2 Grand Final.

They await the result of the game between Yarra Glen and Seville next week.

The first was an even hit-out with both sides kicking four goals, but Junction had their noses in front by one point at quarter time.

They jumped out of the blocks in the second, kicking six goals to two, and they went into the main break 25 points up. They piled on another 4.5 to 3.2 in the third to extend their lead to 34 points.

The last quarter was an arm-wrestle, with both sides not having much impact on the scoreboard.

Yarra Junction best: J. Welch, J. Holmes (2 goals), A. Chandler (1 goal), L. Hoffman, B. Clark, T. Fennell.

Seville best: N. O’Keefe (3 goals), S. McDonnell, B. Penwill, M. Cecere, D. Groen, J. Neal (5 goals).


Qualifying final one

Mount Evelyn 13.15.93 d Woori Yallock 5.3.33

Mount Evelyn best: D. O’Connor, B. Rattray (3 goals), L. Inaps, H. Watson, J. Hattwell (1 goal), B. Portbury.

Woori Yallock best: J. Aitchison (1 goal), C. French (1 goal), J. Moller, C. Cameron, J. Holland, J. O’Sullivan (1 goal).

Qualifying final two

Healesville 10.8.68 d Gembrook Cockatoo 5.3.33

Healesville best: M. Renouf, B. Cummins, R. Andueza, J. Rosser, G. Schiavello, M. Donegan (4 goals).

Gembrook Cockatoo best: A. Firrito (1 goal), F. Trott, J. Burchill, M. Wareham, D. South (1 goal), Z. Loewe.

Elimination final one

Monbulk 14.16.100 d Alexandra 3.3.21

Monbulk best: A. Banks (1 goal), M. Dekker (4 goals), L. Beecroft (1 goal), B. te Boekhorst (2 goals), J. Wensley, D. Ross.

Alexandra best: A. Smith, H. Gilmore, T. Rouget, D. Rouget, N. Stewart (2 goals), D. Ray.

Elimination final two

Upwey Tecoma 16.7.103 d Wandin 2.3.15

Upwey Tecoma best: T. Holland, A. Bartils (7 goals), A. Grenda (5 goals), P. Booth, T. Johnson, J. Pandelias (1 goal).

Wandin best: C. Steiner, C. Mitchell (1 goal), B. Ebeyer, M. Feakes, A. Mandl (1 goal), D. Sartori.




Qualifying final

Belgrave 52 d Wandin 45

Belgrave will take on Minor Premiers Olinda next week while Wandin will play Woori Yallock in an Elimination Final. Belgrave got the early lead shooting 16 goals to 7. The 2nd qtr was all square with 9 goals each. Wandin bounced back in the 3rd shooting 17 goals to 11 but Belgrave still had a slim lead of 3 goals going into the last. It was goal for goal in the last but a few mistakes by Wandin gave Belgrave the win in a tight one. Belgrave Best: Lauren Bennett (25 goals), Jennifer Dewhurst, Emily Schill. Wandin Best: Charlie Sievers, Kali Dolphin, Sinead Lumsden (22 goals).

Elimination Final

Woori Yallock 62 def Monbulk Hawks 37

Monbulk Hawks have been bundled out of the finals after going down to Woori Yallock by 25 goals. Woori Yallock got off to a flyer shooting 19 goals to 5 in the 1st. They continued that on in the 2nd shooting another 18 goals and had a lead of 24 at half time. The 3rd qtr tightened up but it was still in Woori Yallock’s favour. Monbulk won the last qtr by 2 goals, but the game was won by then. Woori Yallock Best: Mia Sudomirski (36 goals), Shannon Bailey, Sarah McCabe. Monbulk Hawks Best: Belinda Williams (18 goals), Jamie Sands (11 goals), Sophie Stubbs (8 goals).


Qualifying final

Woori Yallock 49 d Olinda Ferny Creek 40

Woori Yallock best: H. Summers (31 goals), L. VanDerWesthuizen, B. West. Olinda Ferny Creek best: D. Portarianos, P. Tilley, N. Millwood (31 goals).

Elimination final

Monbulk Hawks 46 d Belgrave 42

Monbulk Hawks best: T. Northey (39 goals), O. Crook (7 goals), A. Seamer. Belgrave best: N. Hargreaves (25 goals), D. Weisgerber (17 goals), D. Marcus.


Qualifying final

Olinda Ferny Creek 43 d Monbulk Hawks 22

Olinda Ferny Creek best: A. Stewart, M. Rogers, K. Andrich (29 goals). Monbulk Hawks best: S. Broekhof, T. Horton-Crundall, S. Munday.

Elimination final

Woori Yallock 41 d Belgrave 34

Woori Yallock best: S. Southwick, E. Morse, S. Young. Belgrave best: M. Bull (9 goals), R. Clarke, C. Smith.


Qualifying final

Olinda Ferny Creek 28 def Warburton Millgrove 26

Olinda Ferny Creek best: S. Read, S. miller, M. Tomlinson (17 goals). Warburton Millgrove best: T. Ward, N. Winzer, H. Toy.

Elimination final

Monbulk Hawks 25 d Healesville 17

Monbulk Hawks best: K. Hochkins (11 goals), M. Werts, T. Kelly. Healesville best: K. Estcourt-Barclay (14 goals), L. Murphy, S. Godenzi.

17 and UNDER

Qualifying final

Woori Yallock 30 d Healesville 13

Woori Yallock best: B. West, T. Osborne, M. Lee. Healesville best: A. Nikevich, L. Murphy, A. Stanley (7 goals).

Elimination final

Warburton Millgrove 36 d Yarra Junction 19

Warburton Millgrove best: C. Holland (19 goals), C. Partel (17 goals), C. Cartledge. Yarra Junction best: I. Bosen (12 goals), R. Wunhym (8 goals), K. Francis.



Semi-final one

Seville 50 def Powelltown 22

Semi-final two

Yea 48 d Kinglake 42

Yea best: M. Martinov (27 goals), M. Leatham, G. Duncan. Kinglake best: C. Ryan, B. Waack, F. Waack (10 goals).


Semi-final one

Yarra Glen 44 d Powelltown 18

Yarra Glen best: K. VanDerKolk, S. Corrigan, J. McIlraith. Powelltown best: J. Hansen, S. Traynor, J. Stenhouse (9 goals).

Semi-final two

Seville 52 d Yea 39

Seville best: C. Nolan (26 goals), T. Collette (26 goals), S. Minton. Yea best: L. Cronk, S. Armstrong, M. Sundblom (26 goals).


Semi-final one

Powelltown 31 d Alexandra 26

Powelltown best: G. Croft, L. Stirland, A. Hermansen. Alexandra best: B. Pearce (5 goals), R. Manthorpe (1 goal), M. Jack.

Semi-final two

Seville 42 d Yea 36

Seville best: R. Grown (32 goals), C. Tesselaar, J. Schembri. Yea best: R. Aldous (27 goals), M. McSpeerin (2 goals), S. Lobley (7 goals).


Semi-final one

Yarra Glen 14 d Alexandra 9

Yarra Glen best: K. James (16 goals), C. Adam, M. Young. Alexandra best: J. Gesler (12 goals), J. Gorman, E. Carlton.

Semi-final two

Gembrook Cockatoo 21 d Yea 15

Gembrook Cockatoo best: M. Crawford, J. McCann, M. Francis (11 goals). Yea best: C. Broderick, K. Broadway, H. Broderick (6 goals).