AFL Yarra Ranges and Eastern Region girls results

Monbulk and Healesville Under 16s battled it out in slippery conditions at Queen's Park, Healesville. 184310_01

Yarra Ranges AFL Junior Football League Results

Under-16: Preliminary 2

Monbulk 5.6.36 d Healesville 4.3.27

Wesburn 5.8.38 d Olinda Ferny Creek 5.8.38

Grand Final: Monbulk v Wesburn

Under-14 Blue: Preliminary 1

Mount Evelyn 1.9.15 d Monbulk 0.1.1

Grand Final: Emerald v Mount Evelyn

Under-14 Green: Preliminary 1

Upwey Tecoma 5.4.34 d Yarra Glen 4.6.30

Grand Final: Wandin v Upwey Tecoma

Under-12: Preliminary 2

Woori Yallock 8.13.61 d Healesville 0.0.0

Olinda Ferny Creek 5.11.41 d Emerald 0.2.2

Grand Final: Woori Yallock v Olinda Ferny Creek

Under-11: Preliminary 1

Healesville 4.2.26 d Woori Yallock 3.3.21

Grand Final: Mount Evelyn v Healesville

Grand Finals at Gembrook on Sunday 26 August

Eastern Region Girls Football League Results

Preliminary Finals

Under-18 Premier

Mount Evelyn 2.4.16 d Blackburn 0.3.3

Under-18 Premier Grand Final: Mount Evelyn v Donvale at Belgrave

Under-16 Division 1

Vermont 5.3.33 d Yarra Glen 1.3.9

Grand Finals for these divisions are being played on Sunday 26 August

Semi Finals

Under-16 Yarra Ranges Division

Seville 8.5.53 d Healesville 1.4.10

Upwey Tecoma 5.5.35 d Worawa 1.0.6

Under-14 Yarra Ranges Division

Monbulk 2.2.14 d Emerald 2.0.12

Yarra Glen 4.4.28 d Worawa 0.3.3

Under-14 Premier Grand Final: Mount Evelyn v South Belgrave/Lysterfield at Belgrave

Under-12 Yarra Ranges Division

Healesville 3.3.21 d Yarra Glen 2.2.14

Olinda Ferny Creek White 1.4.10 d Belgrave 0.0.0

Grand Finals for these divisions are being played on 2 September at Yarra Glen