Quarry gets 24/7 approval

By Kath Gannaway

Boral Quarries’ Coldstream quarry has been given the go ahead for a new stockpile location and 24/7 operation for use of the stockpiles.

The application for creation of a new stockpile area on the northern boundary of the site at 527-529 Maroondah Highway, Coldstream and part of 110 Quarry Road, Lilydale, was heard by Yarra Ranges Council at its 10 July meeting after being called in by the ward councillor, Cr Tim Heenan.

The proposal would see relocation of the existing stockpiles from within the quarry pit to the new area.

Ten objections related primarily to 24 hour access to the site, intensification of the existing quarry, dust and air emissions and traffic and visual impacts.

The Council heard that the proposal would see an average of 17 vehicle movements per hour during the day and three during the night.

Cr Heenan said a number of objections had been dealt with through consultation and at council level through conditions on the permit.

“Yes, this is an extractive use and there were concerns and maybe still are some concerns out there in the community,” he said of the Boral application.

“I am not concerned,” he said.

He said council had a very tight commitment that vehicles would not be travelling in or out of Quarry Road and said he believed it ticked the boxes in engaging with and meeting the community’s needs.

A spokesman for Boral said the application was the result of three years of work, reaching out to the community and consulting to be sure of what the issues were.

He said the application related to establishing a safe working environment around the stock fill and 24-hour operation to cater for infrastructure projects around Victoria.

“It is not anticipated it will run 24 hours all the time but it means we can supply to our quarries in a timely way.

He said there had been robust discussion during consultation meetings and that the company believed the measures put in place would enable them to manage issues such as noise and dust and added that there were a number of conditions on the permit.

“We think we can satisfy those conditions and subject to addressing them, we can work within the realms of those conditions,” he said.